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Alix Lynx – Gold Digger Gets What She has Coming

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  Alix has always known how to use her "assets" now she has her sites on getting a huge sexual harassment case against her new boss Mr Masters. She is going to be sure she tempts him into screwin...

Hypnovideo – Domminated 2

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Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 12)

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Step twelve What do you mean by obedient Robots, that's crazy The girls wake up, feeling very confused and even more apologetic about the fact that they are on the floor with their fingers in each others cr...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria Mind Controlled 2

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Victoria's step brother continues his mind control experiments on his hot sister, but this time he has a remote control that overrides her brain activity. Victoria is briefly turned into his perfect little...

Jodi Taylor – The Nanny – Primal’s Fantasies

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Jodi answers an ad for a position as a nanny. The father expresses concern about being able to trust whoever is left in the house, especially with expensive family heirlooms like the beautiful sparklin...

Hypnovideo – Domminated 1

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  The curly haired girl in black hypnotizes and plays with her two subjects. She first goes through a hypnotic induction with the blonde haired gal, then uses a hypnotic trigger on the previously...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 11)

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Step eleven Toys for boys eighteen and up This next segment is a great example how a combination of short term amnesia and P. H. suggestions can easily turn even the most doubtful young girls into helpless,...

Wonder Woman Bound For Humiliation

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  Wonder Woman is looking for an informant in a seedy low class strip club. She is taken from behind by a common burglar with a rag over her mouth. He had just planned on robbing the place, but h...

TheVelvetDungeon – Ally – Orgasm Slave Addiction Part 3

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Ally returns again. Eager to be hypnotized and even more eager to wear the gold chain that is making her a hypnotic slave. As soon as she sees it she is desperate to put it on, and I let her. It immed...

Entrancement – Natalia Forrest

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  Natalia oozes elegance and class. To look at her, you’d think that would mean she’d be a little buttoned down and hesitant to let go and get herself mind-controlled. Pretty much the opposite wa...

Humiliated at the Office – Mary Gane Green and Sinn Sage

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Evil boss Mary Jane calls uptight employee Sinn into her office for a relaxation exercise. She puts a rotating light in front of Sinn and tells her to concentrate on it. Sinn goes to sleep, then into a d...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypno Battle Part 1 – Ludella Hahn

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  Ludella and Nyxon are acquaintances who have recently found out that they're seeing the same guy. They each have the idea that they will hypnotize the other one to get rid of her, but they are surp...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 10)

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Step Ten Lunchroom transformation completed Although it seems that our, by now oversexed test subjects have nothing else on their minds (I am using the word "minds" loosely here) than making love to each ot...

Liberty Star’s Ultimate Defeat – Primal’s Darkside

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Liberty Star Dominated and Devoured - Liberty Star is in her dorm room working hard on her term paper. A message comes in that many superheroines have gone missing. Putting her academics aside she rush...

Robo-Pimp Christy Mack full Compilation part2

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this is part 2 of a complete collection of all the scenes christy mack did for robopimp part of this clip has already been uploaded Instant Faint Christy Mack is completely trained at this point, she...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Alex in a Trance

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  Girls Gone Hypnotized - Alex in a Trance

Robo-Pimp – Christy Mack

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  We start off this clip with right as the other one ends, and we continue to use the j3di mind trick to make Christy Mack compliant. Little did we know, as we found out in the last clip, apparen...

Hypnolust – Michelle & Amanda (Clip 9)

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nine The Lunchroom of transformation As you all know, we like to conduct experiments, strictly in the name of science of course, here at our Robolust institute. Today we are testing a new lunchroom design i...

Britney Amber – My Mom Only Wants Me POV

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  Britney Amber - My Mom Only Wants Me PART 1 - Mom Stays In (Mom is about to go out but sees her son on the couch, sad. She asks him why and decides she should just stay home and hang out with ...

GirlsGoneHypnotized – Erin’s 1st Hypnosis Session

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GirlsGoneHypnotized - Erin's 1st Hypnosis Session