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The Velvet Dungeon – Jayden Chayse Erotic Hypnosis Session 5 – Blow Job Slave

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Exotic Jayden Chase returns to the Dungeon for her most exciting hypnosis session yet. Today I am going to see just how obedient I can make her. When she is in trance, I again reinforce the suggesti...

Ludella Hahn – Robo-Wife

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Charles Abernathy hates being subservient to his high-powered executive wife. When an advertisement comes in the mail from The Robo-Wife Cooperation promising sexy, obedient wives, Charles Abernathy ...

Entrancement UK – Sapphire & Samantha

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My genuine mesmerism session with the lovely Samantha Alexandra and Sapphire. Category: MESMERIZE Related Categories: BLONDES, EROTIC MAGIC, FREEZE, FEMALE TRAINING, HUMOR

Primals Fantasies – Kimmy Granger – Sister Becomes Mesmerized Slut

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She gets on her knees and blows him,they move to the bed and fuck missionary then do some 69 and he blows his load on her face. My sister Kimmy thinks she is so perfect, I think deep down she's just...

Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip5)

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Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hannah Hypnotized 2

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Lying in bed one evening, Hannah suddenly comes to the realization that she's not there of her own free will. She remembers being hypnotized when coming over to confront her sister's cheating husband...

I Hypnotized My Sister

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Richie is getting hassled by his Baby Sister, Victoria. He is practicing his Hypnotism as they are watching TV...and Victoria is teasing him by saying the "hypnotism" is NOT real...and that Mom and D...

Heroines of F.U.R.Y – Secret Heroine Films

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Lady Victory is back! After nearly surviving the battle between her and the deadly Spyder, Lady Victory has had a few months of peace. Upgrading her suit and power source, she believes that nothing c...

Entrancement uk – Robot Takeover (Raw & Uncut)

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Due to being based in Blighty, I don't often get the opportunity to work with American models. Fortunately the chance arose for me to collaborate with the very fine studio Torvea Films who took a scr...

EroticTransformation – Steve Steele – The Supreme Commander Of W.U.A.H.S 2

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The Supreme Commander is back from the "dead"and she wants to finish off Steve.But he's prepared with an old familiar "H" product he recently bought the rights to. Used in a new manner it not only co...

Hypnolust – Christy Mack (clip4)

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Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria Converted

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Victoria is part of a team working on a military device that converts people into obedient robots - The Mind Conditioner 3000. With time running out, Victoria is scrambling to finish the machine befo...

Hypnopimp – Celine live part 2

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This is a never before published video set of Celine's LIVE show from back in the day.. Celine is a beautiful dark skinned brunette, that took to my PROGRAM very well. She goes down hard, and has no ...

Primal’s Fantasies – Bridgette B – The Photography Student

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The Photography Teacher would be the one to take the faculty year book pictures. But, Rion has come to have suspicions about Mr Master's favorite camera. Miss B is one of the strictest teachers in sc...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Hottie

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Our evil hypnotist has stumbled upon one of his hottest victims yet. He doesn't bother trying to convince her to let him hypnotize her, as she's far to hot to waste any time with. She's first put int...

Entrancement uk – Setina’s Slut Training DC

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Setina’s shoot was really fun. She’s naturally very submissive, which led to her calling me “Sir” in trance almost immediately. When asked to picture the perfect place to relax and obey, she pictured...

EroticTransformation – Supreme Commander of W.U.A.H.S – Nikky Thorne

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This is the Supreme Commander of W.U.A.H.S. Not only did she try to have Steve killed (see H Project 5) but she's also ruining his H-product business. Vowing revenge, Steve has tracked her to a secr...

Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip3)

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