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Girls Gone Hypnotized – Celeste Hypnotized

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Girls Gone Hypnotized - Celeste Hypnotized When Celeste tries to break up with her boyfriend, he hypnotizes her and makes her into his slave. Celeste fights to stay in control of herself, but must give in to th...

Hypnolust – Andrea Rosu 2nd Visit (clip 1)

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Down and out in no time Andrea Rosu, beautiful California red head is certainly the perfect mix of beauty and intelligence as well as raw sexuality and class. The moment I saw her and we began t...

Primal Fantasies – Cadence Lux – Mesmerizing My Sister’s Friend

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Cadence comes over to meet with my sister, but she isn't home yet. It seems like a good opportunity to show Cadence what I have been studying. Cadence gets hypnotised into mindlessly giving a bl...

Entrancement UK – Hypnodolls – The Hidden Hypnotist 2

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Starring Kayla Louise Kayla returns home to find a pocket watch mysteriously sitting on her sofa… She can’t resist the urge to pick it up and hold it up to the light… once she does, she swiftly ...

Hypnolust – Megan, Lynn, Gloria & Dani (part16)

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The Cyborg experiment Just like in the last segment, there is a whole lot of confusion, changes and wild twists going on in this one. Looks like Daniel and I are losing our assistants. All three of them...

Limp fetish & Mind Controlled – Blond Girl gets Tranced & Body Used Trained

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You've found a nice blond girl & followed her back to her hotel room. You want to ask her out & knock on the door but when she opens it, she recognizes you as the creepy guy in the lobby. S...

Primal Robo Kink – Kylie’s Full Session

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If you need full length of this video, you can get it just for 2 $. go thorough following link and make a request Click Here PART 1 Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training Put under, Trance,...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Amaya Hypnotized

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Amaya's boyfriend has been taking hypnosis classes, and out of curiosity, she suggests that he try and hypnotize her for fun. She doesn't take it very seriously at first, but she soon finds that sh...

Hypnolust – Megan, Lynn, Gloria & Dani (part14)

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There is only one master Looks like the girls have had enough fun with each other and it is time to get all three of them back on their knees to see and feel who is really in control. One at a time, all thr...

Ludella Hahn – Lolli-bot

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Ludella Hahn - Lolli-bot

HypnoPimp – Amber – Love Potion

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Now after I've successfully PROGRAMED Amber, I give her a suggestion to want to hold my hand.. so after I bring her up, she just has to hold my hand.. so then I quickly put her back into a limp PRO...

Liza K Fetishes – Mother and daughter fucked instead of family therapy

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Mrs Kolt was too angry today! Her beautiful daughter, her pure c.h.i.l.d, her innocent flower was caught masturbating! Unbelievable! She was not able to handle all of this! And so on and so forth.....

Primal Fetish – Cali Sparks – The Guidance Counselor

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Cali considers herself to be the perfect student and expects to go on to get a degree from a prestigious college. He counselor however offers her some special guidance about the types of rolls that...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Aimee Controlled

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Aimee is a bratty college girl who loves to give her neighbors hell for any little infraction they might make. Today she's complaining to someone about the amount of dog crap his dog has left in th...

Hypnolust – Megan, Lynn, Gloria & Dani (part13)

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The revenge of the reluctant subs Humiliated and left alone, our two subs decide to give Megan some of her own medicine. Programmed to remember the effect of the light shaker, the two new mistresses send Me...

Entrancement UK – Katie Lou Entranced

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Entrancement UK - Katie Lou Entranced Katie's a chatty northern lass who's good friends with Rachelle Summers. (Similar accent!) She'd been staying with me for the Chester Races weekend doing some promotion...

Cali Logan – A little fun

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Volt Wins

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Volt and Wonder Babe are discussing a new super villain that has been taking heroes down all around town. Wonder Babe's shy assistant comes in to tell her it is time for her massage. In the spa ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Erin Holly Hypnotized

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A thief has broken into Erin's apartment while she was away, but she returns unexpectedly before he can get away with any money. When she walks in the living room, the thief throws her to the couch...

Hypnolust – Megan, Lynn, Gloria & Dani (part12)

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Mistress Megan and her reluctant subs Lynn and Gloria, both relatively new to this find themselves waiting for their new Mistress. Mistress Megan shows her reluctant new slaves that she means business and t...