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Primals Savage Tales – Judicator’s Savage Sexual Destruction Extreme Version

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Judicator has been on the trail of intergalactic criminal Mal-Far and has tracked him to a remote primitive planet. Unfortunately, something causes her ship to malfunction; she barely survives the cr...

Hypnolust – Andrea Rosu 2nd Visit (clip 4)

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Sleeepy an used Let's check out (very slowly) that beautiful body of hers, shall we. Not it is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out....

Entrancement UK – Brook Scott – Secret Slavegirl 3

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  Brook returns for her fifth shoot and her third one-to-one training session, this time deciding that she’d like to move more in the direction of slave training. (And who am I to argue? ;) ) As a...

Robo-Pimp – Amber & Mya – Controlled Amber

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In this clip, we start off with both Mya and Amber in a deep PROGRAM, limp and lifeless. I focus first on Amber's limp body, on her face, open her eyes, and lift her hands, and check out her body.....

Velvet Fantasies – Cheeta racheetah

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Hypnolust – Andrea Rosu 2nd Visit (clip 3)

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It feels so good to be yours Another director's choice includes : an incredibly seductive subject posing and slowly strip-dancing while zoned out/entranced (really, really hot). Of course there ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Humiliating the Babysitter

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Victoria the babysitter is trained into obedience and instructed to perform a wide variety of humiliating acts

Primals Fantasies – Violet Starr – The Dollmaker

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Violet answers and ad to be "made into a doll." She shows up expecting to model for a doll maker. The man seems odd but harmless, and she sips a cup of tea he gives her. As the tea she just consumed start to...

EroticTransformations – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

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Sophia actually approached me interested in a shoot. This was my first hypno shoot with her and it was a totally brilliant one! Up front, Sophia kept asking things like “What if it doesn’t work?” / “What ...

Hypnolust – Andrea Rosu 2nd Visit (clip 2)

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Always remember your master I am cuming for you master Sleeepy, entranced, orgasmed at will and messed with Like I mentioned, Andrea is amazing and it shows in each and every segment/clip....

Entrancement UK – Fran and Demi Entranced

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This was a pretty good shoot with a couple of complications, but some very hot scenes. Fran and Demi were both new to hypnosis, though both were keen to try it out. We shot on location at Demi’s pl...