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Fuuka’s Store – Double Hypnotism Session Wtih Miss Lollipop Part 1 Velvet Room

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This is my 11th Hypnotism Session with Hypn0Sin. This time it's a double session with the lovely Miss_Lollipop! This is my Lolli's first time submitting to him, and she was a great little fuck puppet...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Charollet Under Hypnosis

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Charollet's brother has a lot of friends who want to take advantage of his little sister. One of his friends pays her a visit one afternoon when he knows he won't be there. When Charollet answers the d...

Primal Fetish – Alli’s Full Training Session

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Hypnolust – Amber Bach 1st Visit (Clip VIII)

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Robot Amber Will... Robot Amber will...well, pretty much do anything I want her to do. Robot Amber is programmed to follow and obey each and every order I give her. You guys certainly remember Robot...

Entrancement UK – Alexa Red – Hypnodolls

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Alexa’s a bubbly, quick witted and charming lady with a spicy vocabulary and a smoking hot body. She graced my sofa for a Hypnodolls shoot and I had her experiencing all manner of kinky shenanigans. ...

Velvet’s Fantasies – Leotards And Kos: Fifth Battle

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In this fun and expertly-performed KO custom, Lucky O’Shea plays a gal who finds Saya Savage online…the two of them having expressed “special interests” in the world of shimmery pantyhose, leotards, an...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Thirteen)

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I take the number three out of her mind, and then bring her out of the trance state. I play with her for a while, and then drop her back in to the trance state. The next orgasm is going to be so powerf...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Alysha Hypnotized

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While looking for a pen, Alysha instead finds a metronome tucked away in a drawer. Curious, she pulls it out to play with it and soon gets lost in the rhythm of it's swaying and ticking. Her boyfriend ...

Primal Fetish – The Tutor – Alexis Blaze’s Special Education

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Alexis is trying to get ready for college entrance exams. She is cute and sexy and knows it and she doesn't really treat her tutor like he is worth considering. Things change when her tutor offers her ...

Hypnolust – Amber Bach 1st Visit (Clip VII)

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The final surrender of my little love slave This segment is really the continuation of clip six and just as hot. Amber is way too good of a love slave to let her go just yet. At the end of the last ...

Entrancement UK – Honour Entranced 5

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Honour became my frozen doll for an afternoon… and a confused Mistress… and a playful puppy… and a horny obedient slut… and a TREE! My fifth time working with Honour, and to mix things up, we shot this at her p...

Penny Hume: Daddy Mindfucks Disobedient Daughter into his Personal Sex Slave aka Hyponodaddy

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Penny (your daughter) gets in lat wearing skimpy clothes and you catch her. She starts making excuses to why she is so late and apologizes. she then watches a video that "hypnotizes" her into telling t...

Steve Steele – Mammary Collective – Nekane – Sweater Puppies

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Steve got a job as a cat sitter. But frankly, he's more impressed with those sweater puppies. come and meet my bald pussy. Say what?!?! Have fun on your trip. And don't worry. Steve will take care of...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Aimee Hypnotized 2

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Aimee comes home to find a weird yellow device spinning in her living room. As she proceeds to tell her boyfriend about her hard day at work, slowly her attention is captured by the spiral pattern. Soo...

Primal Fetish – Jodi Taylor – The Nanny

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Jodi answers an ad for a position as a nanny. The father expresses concern about being able to trust whoever is left in the house, especially with expensive family heirlooms like the beautiful sparklin...

Hypnolust – Amber Bach 1st Visit (Clip VI)

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"You are all there is Master" Amber is absolutely amazing and I will never forget that afternoon I spent with her. This next segment is intense and it starts with a short part of the programming....

Entrancement UK – Jess & Lola Entranced Part2

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Still plenty of sexiness in part two, (69ing, woohoo) with both girls dressed in glamorous lingerie. We were much more focused in this part on stageshow type suggestions. (Seducing the delivery girl, v...

Velvet’s Fantasies – Drugged Enforcement

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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sinn Sage, Alisa Kiss, and Derek Masters. This epic tale is based off a custom script in an epic location! The scene starts with Sinn Sage and Jacquelyn as undercover DEA ag...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Twelve)

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I try to get the thoughts that she has while pleasuring herself from her, but she’s very resistant. I suggest many forms of pleasure to coax them out of her.

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Amy Hypnotized

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  Amy is enjoying a day at the park when she is approached by a stranger and put into a hypnotic trance. She goes under his complete control and is powerless to resist her master's commands. The man then p...