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Primal Fetish – Master’s Match Making – Lexi meets Mitchell

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Lexi is a gorgeous girl that hasn't had much luck dating. Men only want one thing and she isn't about to have sex until she is in a long term releationship. She has strong views about those types of th...

Entrancement UK – Charlotte & Samantha Alexandra

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Charlotte Germany & Samantha Alexandra The always lovely Samantha Alexandra returned for her fifth(!) session, this time bringing with her the stunning Paris (Charlotte Germany). Both girls had a grea...

Hypno Bitches – Lisa

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This busty blonde teen is looking into hypnosis as a way to give up smoking, but Dr. Packinwood has something different in mind. She may give up cigarettes, but she looks like she enjoys smoking th...

Hypnolust – Amber Bach 1st Visit (Clip V)

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Sweet surrender This is another hot one. The clip starts with me programming the "neck sleep trigger" and then wake her up feeling completely normal not remembering any of the prior hypnosis. Of...

HypnoticsWorld: Dungeon Orgasms – Christina Carter

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The villainess Virago has brainwashed two Blue Angels heroines into serving as her minions. They have captured Wonder Woman and now the superheroine is at the mercy of the villainess. Will she succ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Charmed – Victoria

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Victoria is sound asleep in her bed upstairs when a hypnotic tune begins to fill her room. She is compelled to follow the music downstairs, still deep asleep. Her roommate has hypnotized her using ...

Entrancement UK – Portia Living Doll

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Hypnotrick – Allison

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Allison goes in to get hypnotized to quit smoking, but while she is under hypnosis the doctor takes advantage of the situation. He takes the camera in his hand and slowly undresses Allison and fond...

Erotictransformation – Nunobot

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Erotictransformation - Nunobot In this scene Angel Wicky role plays being turned into a robot using nanobots, she is sprinkled with water and then roleplays being in pain and distress as she feels the nanites...