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Entrancement UK – Sophia, Ariel & Natalia Entranced

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Entrancement UK - Sophia, Ariel & Natalia Entranced My hilariously raucous Director’s Choice shoot with Ariel Anderssen, Sophia Smith and Natalia Forrest. We’d all worked together several times in t...

Hypnolust – Jen Capone 1st Visit(clip2)

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Stripped of all inhibitions and will Helplessly stripped of her inhibitions, Jen is kept at the brink of a very powerful orgasm until she surrenders her will. The desire to cum for me and the need t...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Jennifer’s Second Hypnosis Session

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This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Jennifer's second time being hypnotized. The entire session was captured from two separate camera angles. The editi...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia(Clip Seventeen)

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Now that her early morning workout is finished, it’s time for her to take a shower. She reaches out to turn on the water, and I suggest that it’s COLD, really really cold. She jumps back, but then it’s...

Primal Fantasies – Pristine Edge & Khloe Kapri – Lesbian Conversion

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Pristine and Khloe are having a nice quiet Sunday on the couch watching TV, enjoying each other, and having a little make out session, when the doorbell rings and interrupts them. Pristine gets up to g...

Robo-Pimp – Amber in Programing

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Welcome back Amber to our studio, and we proceed with another PROGRAMMING session! Like before, Amber is an awesome subject and drift off into limp-state quite easily, as you can see in this video!

9th Hypnotism Session Part 1- Master Kaa’s Return

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This is Part One of my 9th hypnotism session with HypnoSin. This time I used my iPhone 7 Plus to capture my experience. Part One features my short, blue hair and starts out with me wearing a print dr...

Hypnolust – Jen Capone 1st Visit(clip1)

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It feels so good to let go of inhibitions Jen Capone, hot Cuban girl with a body to dream of, had heard about my sessions from her playmates, Megan and Nikki. Who would ever be able to forget those ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Luna Controlled

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I was out for a walk one night and while cutting through the park I came across a beautiful blonde named Luna. After talking with her briefly and getting a good look at her body, I knew I simply couldn...

Primal Fetish – Avi Love – Cuckolded By The Mesmerist – Wife Turned Into Another Man’s Slut

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My wife, Chrissy, was my high school girlfriend and a cheerleader. She is a very, very pretty and popular girl. Craig was our friend from high school. A nerd that loved magic and helped Chrissy as a math tutor...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Sixteen)

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I increase the intensity of the pleasure command.

Entrancement UK – Cassie Controlled

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So I’ve recently begun playing with a local bisexual lady who’s submissive, just getting into modelling, likes being hypnotized, sees me as a bit of a mentor and who’s more than willing to star in my v...

Velvets Fantasies – Very Merry Knockouts PART 4

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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Hannah Perez, Candle Boxxx, Jessica Nicole, Kody Evans, Jessica Nova, Keri Spectrum, Johnnie Cage, and Photognome as Santa! We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets lamenting the lac...

Limp fetish & Mind Controlled – Sinn & Cheyenne Tranced into Mindless Slave

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Two lovely ladies dressed for the club are outside your door. They ask if they can use your phone since their car broke down & their phones are . You see a good opp here & have your magic cryst...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Stripperbot

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Kylie thinks she is interviewing for a position as an accountant for a new "tech inspired" nightclub. In reality, Kylie is interviewing for the position of Stripperbot and she's passed with flying colors. Now the ...

Primals Fantasies – Exchange Student – Grammar Lessons

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Russel has been given the job of tutoring cute little Asian exchange student. He asks her about going out some time and she turns him down. Russell decides to try some special educational training tech...

Entrancement UK – April’s HypnoSlut Training

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Entrancement UK - April’s HypnoSlut Training Starring April O'Moore April is a fetish model who already had an existing kink for mesmerism when she came to us. She'd previously dated a guy with the fetish,...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Fifteen)

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It’s time for her to do her early morning workout. First she jogs in place. Next she does jumping jacks.

Robo-Pimp Girls Trained To Be Bad – Amber – Tipsy

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Now in this clip, we PROGRAM Amber to believe she's taking a shot of straight strong drink, each time I snap my fingers. Each time she does this, she get more and more tipsy; to the point she completel...