The slutty little Barbie Doll my best friend is dating has been cheating on him. She acts like she is better than me and all his friends but this bitch doesn’t even have a job. My friend pays for all her bills. She has a lot of attitude, even when I show her the pics I have of her sucking some random dudes dick. I get her to cave in and make her give a repeat performance. She is fucking furious the whole time. Especially when I blow a HUGE load in her mouth. I keep to our agreement and delete the original photos of her being a cheating slut. But I never agreed to delete the ones I took over her with my cum still dripping out of her mouth.


Primal Fetish


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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This isn’t hypno?

  • Irellevant 4 years ago

    I don’t get how this falls under ‘hypno’

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      we upload all primal materials including superheroins if you won’t some of them so don’t download them, you can take a look to description each clips before download

      • Irellevant 4 years ago

        That’s fair, I was just confused at first because I thought this was strictly a hypno site. Thanks for the explanation

        • Fetishman 4 years ago

          no problem , we just trying to uploads all kind of fetish clips, sorry for any inconvenience

  • You have no variety why is there no Cali Logan videos?

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      you are right , actually we have some Cali Logan clips on but we definitely upload more from Cali Logan, regarding to defect of variety on this site, you are right, please introduce us some more fetish studios (clip4sale or something else)

  • Hey this Zakk again, hopefully I didnt come across as rude last time I put a request in, thx for all the uploads you do, anyway though any chance for Madelyn Ravae from ggh, or possibly a candle boxx video from hypnolust, thx again

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      no problem, please just put here its original links on clip4sale, i definitely consider them but i won’t make a promise for uploading them

  • Tom Cat 4 years ago

    Hi, would you consider uploading this one?
    Thx for all the great uploads!