AmateurBoxxx – Lulu Chu – Double Agent Ella Cruz and Soldier Control Asian Princess

Last time Lulu Chu and Lieutenant Johnny met, Lulu was able to escape with the Mind Stone. She thought she had seen the last of the Lieutenant, but she thought wrong. Lulu has been having a fling with a secret agent named Ella Cruz, she is known to play both sides of the war. While laying in bed on a raining night after sex. Lulu thinks about the Mind Control stone and how she is so glad it’s in her possession. Little does Lulu know that Ella has been playing her all along. With Ella’s help the Lieutenant is able to sneak up and take back the Stone. He uses its power to put Lulu in a Special Entrancement. Ella and the Lieutenant make Lulu an obedient little princess. As things go in war, in the end, you never know who you can trust.

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  • Do you have Lucy’s University Hypnosis Session? If so can’t wait to see that uploaded. Been trying to find it since it was released haha

    • Fetishman 5 months ago

      Yes we do, It would be uploaded within the next two weeks.

  • Im cant watch everytime i press the play button it keeps saying press allow but i dont see the button also im watching this on mobile i tnx for making this site i have huge kink for this

    • Fetishman 5 months ago

      Sorry buddy, Issue is not you side, Video hosting provider newly had a server crash as a result we lost a lot of file, We need to re-upload old uploaded videos but you still can videos this is why upload video on two different video player.