Anastasia Pierce & Kendra James – Wonder Woman VS Poison Ivy – Helpless and Drained of Life (Part 1)

Anastasia Pierce-Fetish Super-Heros

Wonder Woman is alerted by the authorities that “A dangerous micro bacterial solution was stolen from Botanical Biochemist professor Pamela Isleys’ residence. And that urgent help is needed right away.

Wonder Woman arrives at the residence of the professor and finds her in chains. She will use her power of strength to break the chains with her bare hands and free the professor.

Then to thank Wonder Woman, the sexy red hair professor Isley offers a kiss for good luck. But the kiss turns out to be very bad luck…

Wonder Woman wakes up, tied up to a bondage rack and that’s when she meets Poison Ivy for the first time. Poison Ivy has some devious plans in mind for Wonder Woman.

Poison Ivy’s will use her powers and her plants will become alive and attack Wonder Woman to smother her and suck every once of her life!!

She is in serious trouble!! Will she be able to escape?

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