Two extremely hot businesswomen are entranced and humiliated by an angry co-worker in this super sexy scene. First, executive Promise fires Frank for incompetence. To make matters worse, she gives Franks job to temp employee Daisy. Later that night, Frank sneaks into Daisys bedroom and mesmerizes her while she sleeps. He fondles the entranced Daisy and commands her to mesmerize Promise at work tomorrow.The next day, Daisy goes to work and uses a flashing light to mesmerize Promise. Frank shows up and orders Promise to write him a big check. Then he commands the executive to call an important client and talk dirty to him…she does, using filthy language! He then orders the girls to strip each other and caress each others bodies. Then, things get even hotter as the girls get up on Promises desk and make out passionately. Frank calls a bunch of male executives in to watch the show. Suddenly, with all the men watching, Frank snaps the girls out of their trance…

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