Cali Logans Femme Factory – Freeze Forced O with Sadie Holmes

Sadie is very excited to to pose for you. She’s wearing a black and grey sundress and white flip flops.

“Oh wow, is that a new camera? I’ve never seen something like that before. It’s really nice.” she says and as she continues to talk, you snap your first pic.

She freezes instantly.

You take your time as you walk around her. You take a peek under her dress and see that she isn’t wearing anything underneath.

You take a few steps back and snap another pic. Sadie’s dress disappears, still frozen. You pick up the vibrator and place it in her hand, closing her fingers tightly around it. You turn it on and move her arm so it’s pressed up against her vagina.

She begins to moan and twitch, being forced to cum over and over again.

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