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Entrancement Uk – Michelle and Steph Entranced

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Wow, this was an amazingly hot shoot, we're not talking "legs wide, everything on show" but we *are* talking gorgeous girls, in very deep trances, with really good responses whilst in trance, inv...

Entrancement UK – Ziva Knight Entranced

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An unexpectedly awesome shoot with a real life ladyfriend who wanted to see for herself if she'd be a good subject for my style of training. So was she any good? In short... Yep! In long!? Yess...

Entrancement – Adeline’s Slave Training

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A fantastic shoot in every possible way with one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Huzzah! Adeline was everything you could ask for in a subject: Gorgeous, inte...

Entrancement UK – Ariel Anderssen 2

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This is Part Two of my second entrancement video with Ariel Anderssen. Part Two: Posing, Nakedness & Falling in love! Sleeping Potion laced Tea Cant rouse the sleepy girl Awake and lively ...

Entrancement UK – Ariel Anderssen 1

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Part One: Intro, Induction, Freeze Games & Amnesia 0:00:10 Introduction 0:01:45 Discussion of Bound-Con in Germany 0:05:45 Discussion of NEEHU 0:09:00 Memories (or lack of) of the last ses...

Entrancement UK – Natalia Forrest 4 (DC)

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My 4th shoot with the ever stunning Natalia Forrest. Natalia started out being far too agreeable and easy to control, so to spice things up a little (Where's the fun in controlling someone who's happ...

Entrancement UK – Secret Slavegirl – Brook Scott & Raven

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We'd worked with Brook previously but had unfortunately ended up with no usable footage from that shoot. (Faulty SD cards. Gah!) We knew she was a really good subject though, as she'd previously drop...

Entrancement UK – Becky Speed Entranced 2

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Clothes-a-phobia "Really got to take off my top" Arms out, topless zombie Puppy Cute model / Raunchy model switch-a-round (Topless) Forgotten how to dress herself Dresses in a corset Bl...

Entrancement UK – Sapphire & Samantha

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My genuine mesmerism session with the lovely Samantha Alexandra and Sapphire. Category: MESMERIZE Related Categories: BLONDES, EROTIC MAGIC, FREEZE, FEMALE TRAINING, HUMOR

Entrancement uk – Robot Takeover (Raw & Uncut)

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Due to being based in Blighty, I don't often get the opportunity to work with American models. Fortunately the chance arose for me to collaborate with the very fine studio Torvea Films who took a scr...

Entrancement uk – Setina’s Slut Training DC

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Setina’s shoot was really fun. She’s naturally very submissive, which led to her calling me “Sir” in trance almost immediately. When asked to picture the perfect place to relax and obey, she pictured...

Entrancement UK – Nicky Phillips

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A FANTASTIC shoot with one of the hottest ladies I’ve ever worked with and this session’s full to the brim of great moments where I physically or mentally mess with the lovely lady. Nicky was an abs...

nadine-j – Entrancement – The clever hypnotist – Katerina Hartlova and Akida Reeves

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A nice little session where the hypnotist takes full advantage of her sleeping patient. Once in a trace she undresses and enjoys her lovely breasts. She even tops it off with a sudden awake command a...

Entrancement UK – Brook & Natalia

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Minds empty. Ready to receive commands. A bit of a tricky shoot this time round, (I suppose I can’t have it easy every time) though we were rewarded with some very fun & sexy moments. A couple ...

Entrancement – Hypnotized Girls Natalie & Bex

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This was a fun shoot in all kinds of ways. We got to work with Natalie, who we’d been trying to arrange a shoot with for aaaages, (We kept missing each other / getting lost on our way to shoots) an...

Entrancement – Natalia Forrest

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Natalia oozes elegance and class. To look at her, you’d think that would mean she’d be a little buttoned down and hesitant to let go and get herself mind-controlled. Pretty much the opposite was tr...

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