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Entrancement UK – Nicky Phillips

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A FANTASTIC shoot with one of the hottest ladies I’ve ever worked with and this session’s full to the brim of great moments where I physically or mentally mess with the lovely lady. Nicky was an abs...

nadine-j – Entrancement – The clever hypnotist – Katerina Hartlova and Akida Reeves

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A nice little session where the hypnotist takes full advantage of her sleeping patient. Once in a trace she undresses and enjoys her lovely breasts. She even tops it off with a sudden awake command a...

Entrancement UK – Brook & Natalia

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Minds empty. Ready to receive commands. A bit of a tricky shoot this time round, (I suppose I can’t have it easy every time) though we were rewarded with some very fun & sexy moments. A couple ...

Entrancement – Hypnotized Girls Natalie & Bex

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This was a fun shoot in all kinds of ways. We got to work with Natalie, who we’d been trying to arrange a shoot with for aaaages, (We kept missing each other / getting lost on our way to shoots) an...

Entrancement – Natalia Forrest

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Natalia oozes elegance and class. To look at her, you’d think that would mean she’d be a little buttoned down and hesitant to let go and get herself mind-controlled. Pretty much the opposite was tr...

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