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Rebecca Hypnotized 2

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GGH – ludella hahn – Under a Spell

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enter> Ludella is about to leave her husband to be with another man, but unfortunately for her, her husband already knows what she's up to. He has prepared to put an end to Ludella's silly plans ...

GGH – Ludella Hypnotized

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Nyxon receives a visit from her bitchy neighbor Ludella, who tells her she is tired of stepping in her dog's poop. Ludella is invited in as Nyxon prepares to take care of the situation. Her solutio...

GirlsGoneHypnotized – Free Labor

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Brittany is walking to work one afternoon when a man stops along the side of the road and asks her for directions. He lures her to the passenger side window and then hypnotizes her with a poc...

GirlsGoneHypnotized – Cali hypnotized

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Cali is hypnotized by one of her brother's friends while she is home all alone. She has always been the cute little sister that no one could have, but that's all going to change today. Cali is put ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Kami Collection

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Kami is a slender, tattooed girl with perky breasts. Across all five videos there is a combination of hypnosis and brainwashing. POV inductions, mantra repeating, sexy costumes. Each video features...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Jewells & Eryka Hypnotized

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Jewells is going through a bad break up with her ex Gary. Gary has been making vague threats, so Jewells calls her friend Eryka over to keep her safe. Soon after they hang up, Jewells hears a knock...

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