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Girls Gone Hypnotized – Tonya Hypnotized

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Tonya begins a conversation with a man while waiting for her friend at a park. He reveals that he is a professional hypnotist and Tonya wants to see if she can be hypnotized. She follows his instruct...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria – Sibling Slavery

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Victoria is constantly trying to delegate her chores to her younger brother. Fed up with her attitude, her brother uses a hypnotic device to control Victoria's mind, making her his willing slave....

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria Mind Controlled

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Victoria's new step brother has the hots for her, but the feeling is not mutual sadly. He tries to hypnotize her on occasion, but it never seems to work quite right. He finds and purchases a mind con...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lily and Victoria – Two New Robots

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Victoria and Lily show up to a photo shoot, and immediately can tell something is off. The photographer is acting strange and there is no lighting equipment in the room. When the shoot begins, the gi...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Andi Hypnotized

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Andi tells her friend about a party she had the night before, where a guy was trying to hypnotize people there with a pocket watch, and how he failed miserably. Her friend tells her that he himself a...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hotel Training

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Hot MILF, Dana, is trained into obedience by a man posing to be a hotel employee Lots of "yes, master" talk and mantras repeated Lots of zombie-walking scenes Outfit change Frozen and posed ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hannah Hypnotized 2

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Lying in bed one evening, Hannah suddenly comes to the realization that she's not there of her own free will. She remembers being hypnotized when coming over to confront her sister's cheating husband...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria Converted

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Victoria is part of a team working on a military device that converts people into obedient robots - The Mind Conditioner 3000. With time running out, Victoria is scrambling to finish the machine befo...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Hottie

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Our evil hypnotist has stumbled upon one of his hottest victims yet. He doesn't bother trying to convince her to let him hypnotize her, as she's far to hot to waste any time with. She's first put int...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – A Thing for Feet pt 5

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Khloe is about to head out for the evening when her evil stepmother, Hannah, stops her and instructs her to do her chores. Khloe refuses and continues to the door when Hannah stops her in her tracks ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Natali in a Trance

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Natali is a young foreign girl who has just moved into the apartment complex close to her college campus. She meets one of her new neighbors, who tells her he is a professional hypnotist. Intrigued, ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Natalie Pregnant and Hypnotized

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Natali (Natali in a Trance and Natali 2) has not been in a very affectionate mood through her pregnancy, and there's only so much a guy can take! After countless rejections her husband turns to...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Christy Mack Hypnotized

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A man comes over to visit his sister, instead finding her girlfriend, Christy, home all alone. Christy tells him he can wait for her to return if he wants. This is just the luck he's been hopin...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypno Battle Part 2

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Ludella and Nyxon have both been seeing the same guy. They had recently become aware of each other and both had the idea that they would hypnotize the other one to get rid of her, but they were...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria Mind Controlled 2

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Victoria's step brother continues his mind control experiments on his hot sister, but this time he has a remote control that overrides her brain activity. Victoria is briefly turned into his pe...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypno Battle Part 1 – Ludella Hahn

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Ludella and Nyxon are acquaintances who have recently found out that they're seeing the same guy. They each have the idea that they will hypnotize the other one to get rid of her, but they are surpri...


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