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Hypnolust – Mia McKinley – Spiral Into The Abyss

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Mia McKinley, stunningly beautiful blond southern bell with a seemingly insatiable appetite for pleasure turned out to be another one of my absolutely amazing subjects and believe me the intensity with...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Robot Movie

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Self-destruction initiated Casey a beautiful female android that is working for the robotics company that built her. Her job is to create a virus that will be used to infect androids built by her co...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Fourteen

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Robot, Slave, zombiefied and....A little bit of everything I am my masters object For Casey's last adventure, I thought I might be fun to see how well some of the triggers I planted during her se...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Thirteen

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I want you to use me master Casey, our sexy yet unlucky stripper, wakes up and now she has only one desire and that is to dance, strip and entice her master with her beautiful young body. I cannot d...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Twelve

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Here Kitty, kitty here... Casey, our beautiful stripper, wakes up from her last, let's call it, adventure without really knowing what just happened. Needless to say, she is quite confused when I men...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Eleven

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My reluctant Mannequin Casey believes to be a strip dancer who stops by my clothing store to shop for a new costume. I guess I have to explain to her that this is not a clothing store and that the s...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Ten

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I am a Robot, I am my masters creation My sexy yet unforgiving boss wakes up not remembering a thing (nor does she realize that I dressed her up) and again, she gives me a hard time regarding my (ha...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Nine

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Boss in foot slave training Casey, who believes to be my boss, has called me into her office to, you won't believes this, fire me over some sexual harassment allegations made by some female co-worke...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Eight

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Limp, pedal pumping, orgasmed and... This next segment is hot. Casey, who believes the sessions is over, get's into her car and starts the engine. Well, that is as far as she gets. A mysterious stra...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Seven

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Feet, nipples, sensual posing, big tits and final love slave training This next one is absolutely amazing and I am certain you will like it even if you are not into feet. Watching her use/pose her e...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Six

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orgasm training while... Great close ups of her wet pussy, ass and....This next one is all about our sleeepy girl being moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we check h...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Five

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Horny windup doll, limp puppet and... Like the title says, Casey is turned into a sexy yet limp little puppet which can't stop those arms of her from flopping around. Of course we do have her a few ot...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Four

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Posing Mannequin made to feel fucked and used Casey is an extremely sensual young woman and watching her seductively/mindlessly pose her beautiful body for her master is quite a turn on. I can feel th...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Three

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Obedience training Oh God, I am cuming for you master Highlights : Subject being mindless and posed while staring into nothingness, made to feel fucked and used from behind, first "oh Gods", Touch fr...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Two

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No more thinking Casey Cumz, stunningly beautiful seductress with the perfect hard-body (including big tits) has already become one of my all-time favorite girls/subjects. I am certain you will all ag...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Eight)

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Back to the bedroom. This time I will have her feel me fucking her from behind and than make her masturbate real hard. WOW she loves Doggy style. You gonna love this one

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Seven)

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In this clip I will turn her into a mannequin and make her believe she is part of the party decoration. All the party guests can touch her and she is programmed to orgasm when they want her to. Tha...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Six)

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This clip is for her next visit a lot of fun, the induction, and she gets naked

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