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Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Five)

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I increase her arousal, and then explain what a sexual climax is to her before triggering one.

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Four)

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I suggest that she’s being tickled in different places on her body, and watch her response. I then trigger pleasure and an orgasm. I ask her when the last time she came was, and she answers never. ...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Three)

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Naked in my arms, I give her suggestions that cause her to feel good in every way. I then suggest that everywhere that skin touches skin feels really good. I build up her arousal and then trigger a...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Two)

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I take her deeper in to hypnosis and suggest that she’s feeling the best oral sex of her lfie. I take control of her pleasure and her arousal for the night. Then I suggest that she’s very hot and t...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia Hypnotized (Clip One)

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I begin the session with Synthia with a brief talk. She watched a few other sessions being filmed earlier, and appears to be a little nervous. I ask her some questions to find out about her feeling...