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PrimalFantasies – Kylie Quinn – Master Coach – Soccer Team Try Outs: Kylie’s Full Training

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The Master Coach has moved on to girls' soccer. He gives Kylie a special soccer star tryout... Kylie gets hypnotized by the coach, and is forced to masturbate with a vibrator in front of him. Af...

PrimalFantasies – Astrid Star – Step Daughter Slut Training

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Astrid's step dad is sick of her acting like she can do whatever the fuck she wants, and dress like a slut all the time. When she takes her mom's car when he says he needs it, it's the last straw. ...

Primal’s Fantasies – Makayla Cox – Mesmerizing My Stepmom

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My stepmom may be hot, but she's such a demanding bitch. I don't have time to be cleaning the house when she's fully capable of doing it herself. My time is better spent working on my new app. In f...

Primal Fetish – Elena Koshka – Securing Project Funding II : New Secetary

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Thanks to Victoria (Cassidy Klein)'s meeting with Malcolm (Lucas Frost) and the subsequent funding from her father, Mr. Maximus, the female reprogramming project has been progressing at a rapid rat...

Primals Robo Kink – Ashley Adams – Robokink Full Session

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Part 1 Ashley gets hypnotized. She is put in some awkward situations. After that there are some trigger words that make her laugh, masturbate and take her clothes off one by one. Part 2 Ashl...

Primal’s FANTASIES – Briana Banks – Mesmerizing My Teacher

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My teacher, Ms. Banks, noticed me staring at her huge tits in class. Apparently she even found some of the notes I was passing about them. I'm not the only one who stares, so why single me out? I t...

Primal’s Fantasies – Christiana Cinn – Manipulating the Gullible Saleswoman

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A custom that has been released by Primal Fantasies, the main plot is about a man who finds a mind manipulating device that he uses on Christiana Cinn

Primals Savage Tales – Judicator’s Savage Sexual Destruction Extreme Version

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Judicator has been on the trail of intergalactic criminal Mal-Far and has tracked him to a remote primitive planet. Unfortunately, something causes her ship to malfunction; she barely survives the cr...

Primals Fantasies – Violet Starr – The Dollmaker

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Violet answers and ad to be "made into a doll." She shows up expecting to model for a doll maker. The man seems odd but harmless, and she sips a cup of tea he gives her. As the tea she just consumed start to g...

Primal Fantasies – Cadence Lux – Mesmerizing My Sister’s Friend

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Cadence comes over to meet with my sister, but she isn't home yet. It seems like a good opportunity to show Cadence what I have been studying. Cadence gets hypnotised into mindlessly giving a bl...

Primal Robo Kink – Kylie’s Full Session

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If you need full length of this video, you can get it just for 2 $. go thorough following link and make a request Click Here PART 1 Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training Put under, Trance,...

Primal Fetish – Cali Sparks – The Guidance Counselor

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Cali considers herself to be the perfect student and expects to go on to get a degree from a prestigious college. He counselor however offers her some special guidance about the types of rolls that...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Volt Wins

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Volt and Wonder Babe are discussing a new super villain that has been taking heroes down all around town. Wonder Babe's shy assistant comes in to tell her it is time for her massage. In the spa ...

Primal Robo Kink – 52 Melissa’s Full Session

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Melissa gets hypnotised, thinks she's a dog, then gets forced orgasms then made to give a blowjob and get fucked

Primals Fantasies – Violet Starr – Sisterbot

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Violet has never thought much of her geeky brother. Always fiddling around with weird projects, Violet sees her brother Lucas as nothing more than an annoying loser. But she has no idea just how sm...

Primal Fetish – Alexis Fawx – Wife’s Behavior Control Chip

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Alexis is a total bitch to her husband. She only married him for his money, and now she won't let him touch her. She won't even let him kiss her cheek on his way off to work. She shows no affection, ru...

Primal Fetish – Britney Amber & Lily Rader – Sexual Harassment

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If you need full length of this video, you can get it just for 2 $. go thorough following link and make a request Click Here Britney is arbitrating a sexual harassment case put forth by secre...

Primals Fantasies – Nikki Delano – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence

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Nikki comes to her husband's office to find his coworker at his desk. The coworker gives the frantic trophy wife a glass of water and sits her down to tell her the "truth" about her husband. He tells h...

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