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Primals FANTASIES – Cherie DeVille – The Photographer

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Principal DeVille used to be the most stern and uptight teacher in the entire school. Now she's the strictest principal in the district. She doesn't even want to keep funding the arts department, hav...

PrimalFantasies – Britney Amber – Training The Secretary

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Britney's boss has been making her work late a lot more than seems necessary. It is starting to cause fights with her boyfriend at home. Her boss feels like she should be much more relaxed around him...

Primal- Stacy Sweet – Stacy’s Full Training Session

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Stacy Sweet gets hypnotised into stripping, masturbating with a hitachi, giving a blowjob and put into a mindless trance before getting fucked.

Primal’s Fantasies – Aidra Fox, Alix Lynx – Trained to do what it takes

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Aidra and Alix are tied for the title of top sales person at their company. The two just hate each other already and this is really heating things up. When Mr Masters secretly offers special sales training to gi...

Hypnokink – Bad Therapy with Kendra James

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In this video the beautiful and vivacious Kendra James is by her therapist to help her stay on her diet. But once she's under the therapist takes advantage, having her remove her clothes and fondling...

Primals Fantasies – Kylie Quinn – Bitchy Little School Girl Mesmerized

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I am supposed to help Kylie study, and she is so hot! But she acts like such a bratty little bitch to me. I try being nice, but she acts so entitled! I have an idea, and I get total control over her....

Primal – Supergirl’s Destruction XXX

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Supergirl is after Lex Luther. She is looking for him in his luxury sweet above one of his clubs when she is confronted by Bane. Despite the villains vicious strength Supergirl easily takes him down,...

Primals Fantasies – Alexis Fawx – Under the Influence

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Alexis is part of a marital support group in her church. A lot of the women in the group, including the group leader and pastor's wife Cherie, have been seeing a particular therapist for marital coun...

Primals Fantasies – Kimmy Granger – Sister Becomes Mesmerized Slut

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She gets on her knees and blows him,they move to the bed and fuck missionary then do some 69 and he blows his load on her face. My sister Kimmy thinks she is so perfect, I think deep down she's just...

Primal’s Fantasies – Bridgette B – The Photography Student

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The Photography Teacher would be the one to take the faculty year book pictures. But, Rion has come to have suspicions about Mr Master's favorite camera. Miss B is one of the strictest teachers in sc...

Primal Fetish – Huntress and Wonder Woman XXX

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Wonder Woman and Huntress roll around on the floor and then become sex slaves

Cali Sparks – Cali’s Full Training Session

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PART ONE: Initial Conditioning Cali heard from some friends about hypnosis for specialized study techniques. She is having trouble with her grades and we show her a special technique to "train her m...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Alpha Girls Shame – Jc Simpson

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Alpha Girl corners a common thug in a back alley and easily tosses him around and mocks him while bragging about her invincibility. She has the goon pinned against the wall and he surprises her with ...

Hypnokink- JC Simpson – Full Training Session

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JC - Part 1 - Deep Programming and Living Doll WMV We put deep programming into JC Simpson, We discuss mesmerism with her and she believes it is something that will only work on the weak minded. We p...

Bridgette B – Using Mom to Learn – Primal´s Taboo Sex

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Part One Rion is set to go away to college, but he doesn't feel ready to date college girls. The fact is that he has been so in lust with his mom that he hasn't dated much at all. He blames her for ...

Primal’s Fantasies – Jenna Ivory – Training My Teacher

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My teacher Miss Ivory wants to put my in detention for my research paper about the submissive nature of women. So, the best thing I can do is prove my research is accurate. I hypnotize her, making he...

Katrina Jade – Training the Bitchy Bartender – Primal’s Fantasies

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When Katrina here's her customer talk about how much the necklace he wanted to give his date cost, she is quick to try to take advantage. Of course, as he shows her the necklace, and she sees how it ...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Starfire – Defeated, Dominated Controlled

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Starfire has been looking for her missing daughter Nightstar. She knows her daughter likes to spend time with Nightwing so she goes to the Bat Cave. Instead of her daughter, Nightwing or even the Bat...

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