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Alix Lynx – Gold Digger Gets What She has Coming

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Alix has always known how to use her "assets" now she has her sites on getting a huge sexual harassment case against her new boss Mr Masters. She is going to be sure she tempts him into screwing up, ...

Jodi Taylor – The Nanny – Primal’s Fantasies

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Jodi answers an ad for a position as a nanny. The father expresses concern about being able to trust whoever is left in the house, especially with expensive family heirlooms like the beautiful spar...

Wonder Woman Bound For Humiliation

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Wonder Woman is looking for an informant in a seedy low class strip club. She is taken from behind by a common burglar with a rag over her mouth. He had just planned on robbing the place, but he to...

Liberty Star’s Ultimate Defeat – Primal’s Darkside

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Liberty Star Dominated and Devoured - Liberty Star is in her dorm room working hard on her term paper. A message comes in that many superheroines have gone missing. Putting her academics aside she ...

Britney Amber – My Mom Only Wants Me POV

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Britney Amber - My Mom Only Wants Me PART 1 - Mom Stays In (Mom is about to go out but sees her son on the couch, sad. She asks him why and decides she should just stay home and hang out with her...

Cherie DeVille – Preacher’s Wife Under the Influence

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Cherie is the pastors wife at the church many of the therapists clients have been coming from. She is not happy about the "worldly" methods that therapists use, and she thinks she should be the one...

Alix Lynx – I Hate You!!!

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The slutty little Barbie Doll my best friend is dating has been cheating on him. She acts like she is better than me and all his friends but this bitch doesn't even have a job. My friend pays for a...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Side Kick Seduced by the Serpent Temptress

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Scene opens in the Private Chapel in the cities largest Church Lady Purity has just rescued her side kick from a thug that was about to squeeze the life out of her. Her power of repentance made th...

PrimalFantasies – Delilah Blue — Habit Training

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Delilah has gone to see a therapist that her friends STRONGLY recommended. She wants to quite smoking. Her therapist uses the approach of changing her bad habits for good habits Delilah gets hypno...

PF – Cherie DeVille – Training My Teacher

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My teacher Miss Deville is keeping me in detention for a week to teach me how to behave and to help me learn. I decide that over the next few days Miss Deville needs to be taught how to behave

Primal Fetish – Britney Amber – Green Guardian Falls to the Goddess of Lust

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The Green Guardian has been looking into the disappearance of many young women. She finds her way to a hidden lair with very Roman designs. As she is looking over a statue, a Gladiator suddenly att...

PrimalFantasies – Human Resources

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When the boss's executive assistant threatens a sexual harassment suit he turns to the Human Resources department to "fix" it. The lady gets hypnoed into fucking (doggy, blowjob), before submittin...

Primal Fantasies – Britney Amber – Reverse Psychology

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Britney Amber is the new head Psychiatrist handling any counseling for the company Mr. Masters works for. She has been going over files and is concerned about what she has seen in his files. Mr. Ma...

Primal Fantasies – Britney Amber – Mesmerizing My Teacher

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So, now I'm in trouble for writing a paper about how the female mind is weaker and simply inferior to the male mind. My teacher, who thinks she is a super feminist, wants to fail me and give me det...

Primal Fantasies – Riley Reid – Step Daughter’s Behavior Control Chip

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This is role playing step-daughter father fantasy produced by Primal which stars Riley Reid (new AVN female entertainer of the year 2016) as the disobedient daughter. Riley has an attitude with her...

Primal Fantasies – Christiana Cinn – Ultimate Bitch Boss Training

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Christiana is the biggest bitch in the company. She uses her looks and her position to dominate everyone around her.Secretary: Mr Masters is still waiting to see you, Miss Cinn. Christiana: Tell h...

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