In the last episode, Velma’s Vampire Transformation, Velma was seduced and controlled by a mysterious character she was investigating solo. He turned out to be a vampire and transformed Velma into his slave. Now he wants her to bring the rest of the gang, and Velma requested to start with Daphne. That’s where this clip begins.

Daphne is confused to be meeting Velma in this remote location, but being the ditz that she is, she’s not exactly the most observant with picking up the signals that Velma is so blatantly showing up. She comes onto Daphne hard, confessing that she’s been dreaming about her for ages. She tells her exactly what happened and that she’s in love with the results. She has the power of seduction now and she puts Daphne under her spell.

Once Daphne is staring blankly and entirely in her power, she has Daphne do the zombie walk with her hands in front repeating mantras of her control. But Velma doesn’t want to waste much time–she wants to get right down to business with Daphne’s tits. She has her pull down her dress and she licks her nipples, telling Daphne to get more into it (she’s in her command after all), so Daphne begins to enjoy their encounter. Soon Velma pulls her top up and has Daphne play with her tits and lick her nipples. Then, Velma takes things to the floor.

She straddles Daphne and writhes on her. She wants her to be hers forever, so she decides to feed on Daphne till she climaxes till and then bites into her own wrist and tells her to drink. Daphne gets greedy and Velma has to pull away, holding Daphne down during the painful transformation of her soul passing. Her teeth grow into fangs and it’s complete. Daphne will be Velma’s personal lesbian slave forever, but first, they need to acquire more food…starting with Fred…

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