Dakota comes home with you arguing about how you like to look at her feet all the time, how you want her to take off her shoes. She thinks it’s so weird, you’re always staring at her feet! You tell her that you got her a present and she softens and goes to open the box. It’s a collar! She’s confused, but it’s a gift, nonetheless, so she secures it around her neck. Doesn’t it look cute? She continues talking about how strange your fetishes are and what a weird guy you are, blah blah blah. Suddenly, though, she starts meowing in the middle of her sentences. She talks about feet and cats, too, and she can’t help it! Dakota is so embarrassed and kind of scared that she can’t stop meowing against her will. Next she slips off her shoes. She can’t seem to stop playing with her feet! She starts licking them and worshiping them and all the while she can’t believe she’s doing this. What is the matter with her? She’s still meowing…. Dakota stands up and abruptly falls to the floor onto all fours! She is becoming a foot fetish kitty! She starts crawling around and licking and meowing and she seems to be becoming less and less aware of what’s happening; she is fully transforming into a kitty! A barefoot kitty who loves to lick her own feet! Now she is exactly what you’ve always wanted and will no longer complain about your foot fetish! As long as she has the collar on, that is….

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