Dixie Comet – Scientists Mind Control Revenge On Bitchy Boss

A Senior Government scientist has made a breakthrough with his important research into climate change but is concerned about his funding due to the new administration after the recent election. When he is called in to meet with his new supervisor his concerns are validated as he finds that his new boss is an attractive but bitchy young woman whose previous experience was in the fossil fuels industry. She condescendingly informs him that she’s not interested in his research, in fact he’s being put up for immediate, mandatory early retirement due to his age and has until the end of the day to wrap up any loose ends and clean out his desk before his security clearance is suspended.

When he gets back to his lab he is distraught at the idea of 20 years of important research going down the tube. He tries to think of something he can do and then he realizes that he still has his security clearance until the end of the day and he might be able to find something on the Top Secret servers that could be of help. He begins to root around and finds a shelved project form DARPA that might be just what he needs. He gets to work in the lab, furiously mixing chemicals while under a impending deadline.

Later, at the end of the day when most of the building is empty, he lets himself back into Ms Comet’s office carrying a box of his personal belongings. She is surprised to see him and jokingly says she thought he would be gone by now, since he’s useless and unnecessary. He says that before he leaves he just wanted to give her a piece of his mind. She stands up and cockily leans over her desk toward him telling him she doesn’t care what he has to say. Just then, he quickly pulls a spray bottle out of his box and sprays her in the face. She leans back shocked, cursing him and threatening to call security as she tries to fan the gas from her face. He calmly puts down the box and leans into the desk saying, “what I wanted to tell you is that I think you should shut the fuck up and take off your blouse.” She immediately goes from bitching at him to “mmmphh mmmpphh-ing” with her mouth tightly closed while she unbuttons her blouse and removes it. She is shocked at what she’s doing but she can’t stop. He laughs as he sits on the sofa in her office, now knowing that the secret spray worked. He tells her to come over and give him a sexy lapdance. She starts to walk over to him but he stops her and tells her that on second thought, she should walk over to him like a chicken. Much to her humiliation, she cocks her arms and flaps her wings as she walks to him like a chicken. When she reaches the couch he tells her to open her mouth… because she’s going to need it pretty soon. She opens her mouth and returns to cursing him and demanding he stop whatever he’s doing. He tell her to continue her sexy strip tease and then when she’s naked he tells her to grind on his lap like a stripper.

She does so, bitching and cursing at him the whole time until she is giving him a lapdance as he gropes her tits and rubs her pussy. She can feel his dick getting hard against her ass and she is appalled when he tells her to get on her knees and put his cock in her mouth but there is nothing she can do no matter how hard she tries to fight but follow his orders. She reluctantly sucks his cock until he decides it’s time for his revenge. He makes her bend over the couch and slides his cock in her pussy from behind. Even though she can’t help but get turned on by his dick plunging in and out of her, she continues to bitch at him through her arousal until he decides he’s had enough and it’s time for the final part of his plan. While she continues to bend over the couch, he walks around and puts his dick back in her mouth. While her mouth is open with his cock sitting on her tongue, he sprays her once again with the secret spray and orders her leave all of her boss duties and responsibilities to him and that from now on she should just feel comfortable being a bimbo slut who lives to suck cock and please him. Her expression changes as she fully transforms into her new role and suddenly is surprised to find a cock in her mouth. Sucking cock is her favorite thing so she greedily goes to work like a pro. She happily slurps his dick and begs to have it back in her pussy. He sits back on the couch and lets her climb on top of him and slide his dick back in her soaking pussy. She bounces on his dick until she makes herself cum and then begs for his jizz. She jumps down and suck and jerks his dick until he cums in her mouth. Afterwards he tells her that she better hurry to make it to her meeting with the President and that she should tell him that things aren’t going to work out as planned. He also tells her to make sure she gives the President a big kiss when she sees him and to also make sure she doesn’t wash her face first.

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