Dixieland Fetish – Boss Training – Lauren Phillips & Dixie Comet

Dixie is about fed up with all the mistreatment she gets from her mean, slave driving boss Lauren and so she plans a little revenge. When Lauren comes in her office to tell her that she is, once again, going to have to stay late and work over the weekend, giving up her days off, Dixie decides to put her plan in motion. She asks the boss to look at her computer and check her work to make sure it’s what she wants. Lauren insists that Dixie should know what she’s looking for by now but begrudgingly agrees. Lauren looks at the screen but all she sees is an odd, spinning pattern. “I think you need to restart or something, it isn’t working.” she says, but Dixie reassures her that it’s just loading and to keep looking at it. Lauren continues to stare at the moving image and her head starts to spin and eyes grow vacant. She’s becoming completely mesmerized and under Dixie’s spell. Dixie is amazed that it actually worked! Now she can finally put her mean boss in her place and get revenge for all the abuse she’s put her through.

She starts by commanding her to strip out of her clothes. Lauren begins to undress but Dixie tells her to do it slow and sexily, a strip tease. Lauren starts to dance and does a full strip routine for Dixie until she’s completely naked. Once nude, she goes back to standing at attention with a blank stare. It’s all working so well, but Dixie wants Lauren to know exactly the control she has over her, so she snaps her fingers and wakes her up from her trance. Suddenly Lauren is back to normal and realizes that she’s standing there completely naked in the office! She yelps with embarrassment and grabs at her discarded clothing to try and cover her body. She immediately starts yelling at Dixie and tells her that she can’t do this to her and she’ll have her fired.

Unfortunately for Lauren, Dixie is the one in control now and she’s not done with her fun. She snaps her fingers again and yells, “CHICKEN!” Lauren drops her dress and starts dancing around the room waving her arms like wings and balking like a chicken. Dixie laughs and takes great pleasure in her boss looking so stupid and when she snaps her fingers again to put her back to normal, Lauren is slightly more respectful. “Please stop and we’ll just forget about the whole thing, I won’t fire you, just put me back to normal.” She says. But Dixie isn’t finished, she snaps again and turns Lauren into a . She jumps down on all fours and crawls around the room, shaking her butt and sticking out her tongue like a puppy. While she’s still in canine mode, Dixie pulls a dildo out of her desk and has Lauren bend over. She slides the glass dick into Lauren’s pussy and fucks her doggy style until she has a howling orgasm. Finally, she puts her back to normal but freezes her and sets her up on her desk, posed with her legs open and pussy exposed and two thumbs up and leaves her there for the rest of the office to find the next day, much to her humiliation.

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