Dixieland Fetish – Fembot Orgasm Malfunction feat. Dixie Comet & Aaliyah Love

Dixie comes home from the grocery store and is startled to find a strange woman in a skimpy french maid costume standing in her living room. She drops her groceries, then recovers when she realizes the woman doesn’t move. She tentatively approaches her and sees that she’s frozen like a statue. She walks around her checking her out and then sees a note pinned to her uniform. She takes it and reads it out loud. “Happy Anniversary, honey. I’m sorry I had to be out of town on business so I’ve gotten you this surprise gift. It’s a housecleaning robot! Just turn it on and tell it what to do. See you in a couple days, your loving hubby.”

Dixie smiles at the awesome gift, although she wonders to herself why a housekeeping robot would be in such a revealing outfit. She shrugs her shoulders and starts looking for the switch. Dixie flips a switch behind the robot’s ear and she suddenly springs to life. Her eyes open wide, she stands up straight, her arms move stiffly like a robot and she says, “Fembot 4000, how may I serve you?” Dixie excitedly checks her out, she leans in close to her face, looking her directly in the eyes and says to herself, “wow, it looks so real.” The robot says, “I am a real robot, here to serve you. How may I serve you?” Dixie stands back and thinks to herself for a minute and then tells the robot to go get the laundry out of the dryer and fold it. The fembot leaves as Dixie sits and relaxes. She talks to herself about how much more free time she’s going to have with a robot to do the chores.

The robot maid comes back with an arm full of laundry and starts folding it. As she folds the clothes and bends over to stack them up, Dixie can’t help but notice her ass and how nice it is. She starts checking out her body and grabs her butt. She slides her hand between her legs and comments to herself, “hmmm, anatomically correct.” Dixie gets an idea and she sits back on the couch and pulls off her panties. She lifts her skirt and spreads her legs and says, “Fembot 4000, clean my pussy… with your tongue.” The fembot stands up straight and robotically says, “now starting Sex Robot Mode.” “Oh wow, there’s a sex mode.” says Dixie as the robot gets down between her legs and starts licking her pussy. She licks her pussy until she cums and then Dixie decides she wants a taste of that sweet robot pussy so she orders her to lay back and spread her legs and she starts licking her pussy. But when the robot cums she malfunctions. Her face starts glitching and smoke comes out of her ears! Dixie sits back, thinking she broke her. Then suddenly the robot comes to life again and pushes her down on the couch, climbs on top of her and starts grinding her pussy on Dixie’s face roughly. Dixie’s arms and legs flail around uncontrollably and she tries to yell but she is pinned down and muffled by the robot pussy on her face.

Several days later, Dixie’s husband returns home with his suitcase. He is surprised to find The FemBot 4000 and his wife both in the living room and Dixie in lingerie. The are both standing stiffly with their heads down. He walks to them and says to Dixie, “honey, I’m home. You ok?” Dixie and Aaliyah both come to life at the same time and say in unison, “Fembot 4000, how may I fuck you?” Then they sandwich the husband and start grinding on him as he flails around.

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