Intro + Chat
Mind Drawn into the candle
Post-trance chat
Blankly focused on the candle again
Unaware of removing top whilst blank
Removes bra whilst blank
Awake, unaware of being topless
Click fingers = remove item of clothing, unaware of doing so.
Argumentative, wants to stay dressed to annoy me.
Blank and topless
Bodylock Trigger
Pose Trigger
Sex doll Trigger
Posing the sexdoll
Limp and hypnotized
Good Girl Pleasure Trigger
Open about her fantasies
Hypnotic Bondage, Hypnotic Gag
Deep Hypnotic Pleasure
Remote clit, horny nose
Blank and empty once more
Intellectual Librarian becomes a Nymphomaniac
Tries to seduce the hypnotist
Triggered to make sexual outbursts
Dazed and confused
Closing Trance
Closing Chat

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