Entrancement UK - Ariel Anderssen 2

Entrancement UK – Ariel Anderssen 2

This is Part Two of my second entrancement video with Ariel Anderssen.

Part Two: Posing, Nakedness & Falling in love!
Sleeping Potion laced Tea
Cant rouse the sleepy girl
Awake and lively
Further Freezing
Getting the Giggles / Good Girl Pleasure Trigger
One Track Mind: BUY BUY BUY!
Everything Is Awesome! (Stripping)
Awesome Blouse! (Let me take it off.)
Awesome Sofa!
Awesome Skirt! (Further Strippery)
Awesome how wide her legs go!
Doing the splits!
Amazing Bum!
Amazing Boobs!
Amazing Shoes!
Posing Frozen Ariel
SNAP! (Pose) SNAP! (What the!?) SNAP! (Free!)
Embarrassed Nude Female
Happy Nude Female
Frozen Flyaround
Annoyed Nude Female (Still compelled to pose)
Messing with Ariel whilst shes frozen
“I am *so* a naturist!
Lovestruck by Lex / Worlds Biggest Fangirl
Actually she doesnt think Im that great
Her own biggest fangirl
Ariels Newfound Foot Fetish
Frozen Foot Fetish Pin-Up Pose Flyaround

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