This is part two of my shoot with Candice. She’s a cute but cheeky scottish gal with a great body and fantastic breasts, but she had a really hard time relaxing into trance, Please be aware of this if you’re considering buying this video. Some of the suggestions that I gave her (such as forgetting her name / numbers) worked just fine, plenty of times though, she just snapped awake, and returned to normal without being told to.

Although this is part two, it contains the majority of the sexy moments from the shoot. Part one’s mainly inductions, chat and distractions.

There are still some highlights, her confused expression when she forgets her name or numbers, her blank poses later on when she gets into the swing of things, seeing Candice becoming a mistress herself, and seeing her playing around in the garden as a monkey

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  • Bob jones 3 years ago

    Can you upload the Luna Vera pt. 2 again and can you upload the Alexis and Sadie please? Thanks!!!

  • Weber 3 years ago

    This video I can not make full screen?