Entrancement UK – Crystal Sparx (Complete)

I was a little worried up front that the fact Crystal is already a fully trained hypno slave would mean she wouldn’t have much by way of reactions to hypnotic phenomena, what with it being kind of an everyday occurrence for her. Also I’d seen Rich do things like mute Crystal and stick her to things, and she tended to react by patiently waiting till unmuted / released. Good behaviour for a slavegirl, but not too exciting from a video standpoint. I got around this by playing with Crystal’s memory. Every time for example she “discovered” that she was muted or that a dildo was stuck in her mouth she’d promptly forget about it the moment she stopped trying to speak / trying to yank the dildo out. Mwahahahaha.

All in all it’s an excellent video. Thanks to the folk over at the HypnoGoneWild subreddit for the suggestions they made. We managed to fit some fun ones in. Here are some of my highlights:

Watching her go out like a light when her “off” switch was used.
Crystal fighting for control of her hands (and losing).
Crystal’s helplessness to stop herself from barking.
Her reaction to seeing her breasts ballooning in size.
Using inflation / magnetism triggers back throughout.
Some *hugely* sexy blowjob scenes
Like when she’s a mindless sex machine…
Or when she’s a massive cockslut…
Or when she reacted like she’d never seen a dildo before.
She made a *very* funny super cheap “Lady of Negotiable Affection”
Thanks whoever suggested “You’ve never done X” that gave us the idea to have Crystal “discover” her breasts and pussy for the first time.

Later on we also gave “Virgin” Crystal her first experience at being at the edge of orgasm… and she didn’t really like it!
For cat and dog lovers, we have her treating cushions as catnip, barking uncontrollably and humping the furniture! (Down Girl!)
When we had her breast’s expand, Crystal’s reaction was pretty hilariou

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  • Why I cant watch the video although I have wait for the video to load up for a very long time?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      please change your browser, we will add an additional video player pretty soon

  • Woody723 2 years ago

    Could you add Pennys full entrancement video please

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      at this moment we don’t have this one but we’ll consider it