This was a pretty good shoot with a couple of complications, but some very hot scenes. Fran and Demi were both new to hypnosis, though both were keen to try it out. We shot on location at Demi’s place. To begin with it was just Demi, Liz (my ever glamourous g/f), myself and our camera guy. While we waited for Fran to arrive, I took the oppurtunity to give Demi a quick demonstration of Liz’s triggers. (Freezing, Instant Sleep trigger, and Bodylocking) She was very curious to see more, and I thought if anything, she’d be the easier of the two subjects.

Once Fran had arrived and we’d all had a cuppa, Demi told Fran about what I’d done with Liz and I gave another quick demo while we set up the cameras.

During the induction it was Fran that went under quicker and easier, even though she’d seemed to be the more hesitant and cautious one of the pair. I suppose her cautiousness indicates that she believes strongly in the power of hypnosis. (Someone that strongly believes in hypnosis, or in the idea of going under will actually drop into trance very easily)

Demi on the other hand did experience some hypnotic heaviness during the induction when we told her that her legs were feeling heavy… but on being told to feel floaty and light later on, no effects were really apparent. After waking them both up, we found that Fran’s hands were firmly stuck in the air, but Demi wasn’t feeling anything special at all. At this point Liz came in to save the day, took Demi to one side for 5-10 minutes and laid the hypno-whammy on her. When she came back, Demi was Sleeping and Freezing with the best of them. (Though to begin with, the girls were still able to get smiles out of each other by messing around with whoever was frozen)

Fun things to look out for:
An absolutely statuesque Demi frozen in the most seductive of poses.
Some of the sexiest hypno-zombies I’ve ever seen.
A “Flirt” suggestion that we’ll definitely be seeing more of in future.

We did have to wrap this one up a little early as all the diving in and out of trance proved a little tiring for the girls, and it’s best to stop and take a break than press on when your subject’s not feeling 100%

Fran Floating Hands
Fran Freeze Trigger
Fran Amnesia
Posing Frozen Fran
Freeze play, both girls
First Timers photoshoot
XXX TV Presenters
Happy to undress
Poseable Mannequins
“Can’t Resist, Must Obey” Mantra
Infatuation switch-around
Mutual Dislike
Mutual Flirtatiousness
Mindless Zombies
Mistress Demi dominates Fran
Fran performs for her Mistress
Demi Enchants Fran
Mistress Demi’s hypnotic breasts
End Chat

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