A HypnoDolls Commission

Written by Victor, Filmed by Lex, Starring Neena.

A haughty business-woman seeking financial compensation for harassment she’s been receiving from her work colleagues sees a mesmerist whom she’s been led to believe is a counselor.

After tricking her into trance, the devious tist breaks down her barriers and self identity to the point where she believes her name is “Miss Fucking Snooty Titties” and that the name “Nina” is a terrible insult.

As her sessions progress, he convinces her that she finds humiliation and embarrassment to be erotic, that it’s normal to bare her body when asked to do so by men, that she can’t refuse any request if she’s asked it three times, and he encourages her to volunteer as the first human test in a Neural Inhibitor (Orgasm Blaster) test, the results of which are quite explosive to say the least…

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