Entrancement UK – Gracie Entranced 2 (DC) 2 of 2

Personality play portion of my second FABULOUS shoot with the ever wonderful Gracie. After part one, Grace finds herself lovestruck by a jumpsuit that she’s compelled to dress in. Little does she realise that wearing it will shut her personality and emotions down! Robo-Gracie attempts to convince me that she’s a “perfectly normal human person” but I don’t buy it.

She’s given the call and response trigger “Who are you?” which blanks her mind and causes her to answer “Whoever you want me to be!” and from there she becomes a submissive slavegirl, macho man, sex instructor, playful kitten, my biggest fan and Rick from Rick and Morty.

Boobytrapped Jumpsuit robotizes the wearer
Robot Motion Programming
Emotions disabled, attempt to convince me you’re human
Memory removal
Call & Response: Who are you? / Whoever you want me to be!
Macho Man “Graham”
Loop Trigger
Who are you? A Flirty CatGirl!
Who are you? A Submissive Slavegirl!
Slavegirl bares her breasts
Slavegirl Empties her mind
Slavegirl repeats mantras
My biggest fan!
You’re Gollum, and my hand is the PRECIOUS!
Affectionate Kitten
Kitten Body, Normal Mind… and I’m a PEASANT!
Forced to give massages whilst she insults me
Robotized once more
Robot Pose Mode
Robot Walk Mode: Efficient Robot
Walk Mode: Clockwork Bot Robot
Walk Mode: CatWalk Fashion Bot
Gracie comes to her senses… but can’t move
Tickling Captive Gracie
Tickle sensations off and on again
Charlie’s Angels Style Poses with a Laser
Mindless Action
Robo Looping
Stripping the mindless bot
Trying to pose the limp mindless girl
Love / Hate relationship with being tickled
More Looping Mindless
Mannequin Expression Control
She wants to quit modelling and become my minion!
Human Dictaphone Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub! (Nekkid)
Magnetic Attraction… to the sofa
Sex Instructor who can’t find her clit
Angry Sex Instructor “Who’s taken my clitoris!?”
Excited to have her clit back (Actually a glowing toy)
Flirty CamGirl wants to play with the boys
Teasing it in front of her
STOP! (Carry on!)
Using tickle control to increase trance depth
Plastic Doll Posing
Tickle Beam
Seductive Dancer
SlowDown Suggestion
SLEEPING GAS! (Gives her jelly legs)
Rick Sanchez has turned himself into a woman
I’m WOMAN Rick!
Get it right Morty!
Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub! (Dressed)
Closing Induction
Closing Chat

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