Entrancement UK – Honey & Jay – Part One

Honey Jay & Steph
For Part One, we were joined by Honey’s friend Steph, we had a couple of fun new suggestions in this part, a main one being “Kloroform” where the ladies are given the suggestion that if anyone clamps their hand over their mouths (not their noses, we still need them able to breathe ) They’re being slowly relaxed into indisposed… and the last girl standing wins £1000! There’s some fun moments where they’re compelled to flash and find out they can make one another shout outbursts by pointing at each other.

Rest Trigger Enforcement
Floating Hands
Forgotten Names
Mental Bondage
Binding & Tickling Jay
Posing Jay Doll
Freeze triggers
Blank Top and Bra removal
Entranced but compelled to flash
Why’s everyone but me flashing?
Why am *I* flashing!?
Sexual Outbursts
Last girl standing knockout challenge
Feminists forced to striptease
Topless Feminists
Feminists that poledance on command
“What have you done to us!?”
Feminists start to enjoy themselves
Sleepy dancers
Blank eyes open

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