This time round, we don’t just get to work with Honour, we also get to work with a fembot sales lady (and her fembot), “David” a competition winner that gets to test drive Honour’s body, “Super-Honour” (horrified to find herself trapped in a box by some devious UberVillain) and various mindless / doll-like / camgirl / embarrassed modes.

My second shoot with Honour and it’s as entertaining as the first. We got a boat-load done in terms of pics and trance play. Usually I only have four hours to work with a model, but Honour came by train round and was happy to hang around for “as long as I wanted her” (She’s good like that, and I don’t mind taking advantage of generosity if it’s for the benefit of fellow hypno-philes)

During her induction, Honour let out quite a few sexy little gasps and moans of pleasure and excitement as I woke, dropped and teased her.
Ordinarily Honour loses all sense of balance when she’s tickled, so if she’s standing, will end up falling over. Being able to switch that on and off is quite a power trip.
As a Sex Robot Sales-Girl, Honour gave the perfect sales-pitch and you could easily believe you were watching a home shopping channel. (Albeit one with a rather unusual line of product.) Maybe next time I should add Home Shopping style graphics to the screen? The fembot splitscreen works really well too.
Puppeteering someone’s body whilst their mind remains free, confused, and / or resistant but utterly unable to control what the body’s doing is becoming a fast favourite suggestion.
Great orgasm gun section. Honour does her best to keep it together, but can’t help herself from exclaiming “Fuck ME!” and “Holy Crap” as her body orgasms on command.
Some nice moments where Honour goes brainless, obediently displays, spreads and plays with herself before tuning back into reality.
Seeing Honour’s personality change as she became “David”. Not that he wasn’t a pleasant fellow, but he was far more blokey and sweary than Honour, and it was fun to see his surprise at how sensitive “his” breasts were, what it was like having a vagina, and seeing his attempt at doing an impression of Honour.

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