Entrancement UK – Honour & Sam

Honour returns for her eighth mind control shoot and this time she brings male buddy Sam Bourne along with her!

Honour, (trained to perfection by this point) goes under ridiculously easily, and we impress Sam with how easily we play with her memories and perceptions, having her forget that they’ve ever met, then freezing like an inanimate doll for him to pose and play with, before she drinks a love potion that fills her with affection to the point where there’s a very touching proposal scene!

“Sam Bourne… you are my light in the dark… my love at first sight…” so beautiful!

Of course Sam’s more familiar with the role of a submissive slaveboy than that of being in control, so when he’s not quite sure what to do with his new companion, Honour is given the compulsion to feel dominant and provocative and she then dominates and entrances Sam herself. Soon they’re both thoroughly mind controlled.

They become one another’s pets (Sam a cute kitten, Honour a playful puppy) both end up teasing and turning themselves (and one another) on, and there’s also a SMALL blowjob scene. (I only mention it cos it’s the first one I’ve filmed.)

Also by popular demand, the Neural Disruptor returns. (Now with Orgasm, Twerk and Dry hump settings!)

Fantastic shoot with butt-loads of great and steamy moments.

Director’s Choice.


00:08 Honour’s back! And she’s brought Sam!
04:45 Honour admits she enjoys being helpless…
05:15 … and starts sitting back and dropping 30 seconds later.
06:00 Honour’s eyes roll as she slips back under.
08:00 Honour wakes disbelieving that she’s been under already.
09:30 Honour’s hands misbehave with poor Sam… not that she notices.
11:00 Honour realises what her hands are doing… and can’t stop.
11:25 Honour’s angry at me… so I transfer it to Sam!
13:00 Honour wakes with Amnesia and thinks Sam’s a sweetie…
14:30 … actually Sam’s possibly some kind of confidence trickster!
14:55 Honour’s first Freeze. Sam begins to pose her.
17:30 Sam’s a hottie… and Honour can’t keep her hands off him!
19:00 … actually he’s a dweeb… No, a cutie! No! A dweeb!
24:00 Honour thinks Sam is her brave little soldier.
25:25 Sam says he’s a pornstar. Honour is NOT impressed.
27:00 Honour drinks a love potion… and ends up proposing!
30:30 Honour plans the honeymoon.
32:00 Honour becomes Sam’s Mistress… but he needs programming first.
32:30 Honour seduces Sam.
34:00 Honour entrances Sam.
38:45 Sam sleeps for Mistress Honour.
41:30 Sam wants to massage and please his Mistress’s feet.
43:30 Honour finally lets her begging slaveboy pleasure her feet. (Kissing / Sucking)
44:00 Mentally linking Honour’s toes to her clit and pussy.
48:20 Slaveboy Sam can’t seem to resist commands…
50:40 Sam the footstool.
51:45 Honour collars and commands her slaveboy.
53:45 Crop-toting Honour Mistress strips her boy to his boxers.
56:50 Sam the Kitty Boy.
1:02:00 Honour runs the Sam Bourne fan club.
1:04:15 Sam’s biggest fan is surprised to see him.
1:05:45 Honour forgets what personal boundaries are.
1:08:00 Honour persuades Sam to get his cock out. “Can you take a picture?”
1:09:30 Are you guys… happy to do all this?
1:11:25 Honour sneezes herself out of trance… but goes under easily enough again.
1:13:30 Living mannequin Honour. Sam is shopping for outfits.
1:14:30 “Is that doll moving?” “Sir… she’s made of plastic.”
1:15:40 Disrobing the doll.
1:18:20 Displaying Honour Doll on the podium.
1:20:30 Sam thinks he’s all alone with a Sex Doll Honour.
1:22:00 Switching mute and immobilized.Honour’s awareness on and off.
1:25:15 Mutual Masturbation.
1:26:20 Honour poses Sam Doll.
1:27:15 Honour thinks Sam’s cock is a rubber prop.
1:28:00 “I’m really impressed, look how real it looks!”
1:28:30 Small Blowjob scene.
1:32:00 Honour the Puppy.
1:34:00 Teaching Puppy tricks.
1:38:30 Honour Pup keeps humping things…
1:43:00 Neural Disruptor. (Orgasm Gonne.)
1:47:00 Testing the Twerk and Dryhump settings on Honour.
1:50:00 Closing Chat.

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