Entrancement UK – Jess & Lola Entranced (Part1)

This was a really sexy fun shoot. We incorporated a bunch of ideas from the Questionnaire that we produced, (visit the entrancement website to fill it out for yourself) and the girls were more than happy to carry out suggestions that were a little more steamy than you’d see in most of our videos.

Part One includes the induction, lots of freeze play, and a big bunch of suggestions based around playing with, arousing, and toying with one another. We had them unaware that they were playing whilst we had a nice chat, unable to arouse themselves, then only able to grow aroused at the touch of the other girl, we had them being stimulated and teased whilst mindless and only feeling what was done to them on hearing the word “Replay” and we kept them close to the edge of orgasm by having them become mindless sexdolls every time they were about to come.

Depth of trance increases as the shoot goes on.

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