Entrancement UK – Krystal

Krystal was an absolutely lovely girl who showed up a little nervous and unsure as to whether she’d be getting genuinely hypnotized or not. Turns out we had nothing to worry about as she took to trance brilliantly, switching from wide awake to zonked and brainless at the snap of my fingers… or her own fingers on one occasion!

Krystal brought along a few wigs, so for part two we had her wearing a fetching blonde bob that had her looking rather like a hot fembot. Quite the transformation from the down-to-earth girl next door who’d initially arrived.

This is the COMPLETE edition of Krystal’s first shoot and represents the best value. Sections one and two will be made available separately at a later date.

As a bonus, after the main video I’ve also included a number of frozen 360s from both her first and second shoots (Yep, she’s been back for a second trance already!) as well as some animated gifs.

0:00:30 Introduction
0:05:15 Induction
0:14:45 Limp Check
0:15:45 Puppet on Strings
0:17:50 Deeper down the trance scale
0:18:30 Amnesia: Thinks she’s a puppet
0:19:25 Rigid Poseable Puppet in Trance
0:21:10 Eyes open, mind blank
0:22:30 Awake, thinks her name is “Puppet”
0:23:50 Total amnesiac
0:25:15 Convincing her she’s a stripper
0:26:45 Music forces her to striptease
0:30:00 Mindless Puppeteering
0:32:00 Sleepwalking Zombie
0:32:50 Triggered to Pose
0:33:50 Frozen Smiles & Blank-Face
0:35:52 Catgirl Krystal
0:38:16 Human Mind… Catgirl Mannerisms (Thinks she’s clothed)
0:39:50 Now she realises she’s nude… but can’t stop being a cat.
0:41:00 Laser-Beam Brain Inhibitor
0:43:55 Happy Nudist
0:47:20 “My Mind is Going”
0:49:40 Posing Mindless Krystal
0:50:50 Frozen Smile / Blank Switching Trigger
0:51:50 Lift & Carry
0:53:50 Slow Freeze 360 Disc
0:56:11 Embarrassed about being nude, stuck in place on the disc
1:00:20 Every Flash triggers a new Pose
1:04:08:03 Part 2 – Fembot Outfit / Wig
1:04:00 Outfit 2 – Fembot Wig & Bodystocking
1:04:30 Clapping clockwork doll
1:05:00 Magic Potions
1:07:05 The Blue (Sleeping Beauty) Potion
1:09:01 Sleeping Beauty Eye Checks
1:10:15 Annoyed at my devious tricks
1:10:40 The Red (Lust-Struck) potion’s okay… right?
1:12:45 Blanking the flirt
1:14:55 Increased Lovestruck: My Biggest Fan
1:16:15 Happy to bare her body for her idol
1:16:45 Forgets that she’s got a boyfriend
1:17:40 Thinks I spiked her drink again
1:18:50 The Green (Drunk) Potion
1:19:00 Getting rather giggly
1:20:46 Blanking the drunk girl, making her more of a bimbo
1:21:20 Uncontrollable bimbo laughter
1:25:15 The Yellow (Power) Potion
1:28:00 Krystal becomes the Mistress
1:30:00 Entrancing herself
1:33:00 SlowFreeze – Panicking reaction
1:36:00 Frozen & Poseable
1:36:50 Fembot triggered to pose
1:37:10 Aware but can’t stop herself from posing
1:37:55 Blanked then given misbehaving hands
1:38:30 Enjoys her hands
1:42:00 Mindless Laser Pointer
1:42:30 Air canister sleep trigger
1:44:55 Self Sleep Trigger
1:45:10 Waking as a cat (confusion! Intended something else!)
1:47:25 Trancing the kittygirl
1:49:50 Nudist
1:55:20 Smiling / Blank Triggering
1:55:30 Puppeteering
1:58:00 Closing Chat
2:01:25 Bonus: Session 1 360: Top Hat Lingerie
2:02:25 Bonus: Session 1 360: Nude
2:03:35 Bonus: Session 2 360: Bunny Girl Lingerie
2:04:30 Bonus: Session 2 360: Mistress
2:06:30 Bonus: Session 2 360: Bondage Rope

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