An entertaining shoot with two ladies who are genuine partners in real life so weren’t afraid to get rather “intimate” with one another. This time round we also had Cassie King on hand in the role of glamourous assistant to interact with the ladies. Early on she was useful as a demonstration dolly as she was more than happy to have her mind turned on and off to demonstrate the effects of trance. Later she got to enjoy being Mistress Cassie as both girls became submissive and began to fawn over and nuzzle at her.

Rascal feeling “really dazed and stoned” at one point and falling over. Fortunately she didn’t hurt herself. Switching their memories of one another around. One moment they’re lovers, the next strangers that for some reason have found themselves kissing. At one point I *very* cruelly had one forget the other at a time. “I’m your lover!” declares one. “What? I don’t know you” denies the other. “Darling, don’t say that!” the first whimpers dejectedly.

0:00:10 Introduction of Nymph & Rascal
0:04:40 Introduction of Cassie
0:05:10 Demonstrating on Cassie
0:05:45 Any requests?
0:05:55 Cassie *needs* to flash the ladies
0:06:30 The ladies reaction
0:09:30 Three-Way Induction
0:26:30 Amnesia in Trance
0:29:55 Amnesia: Neither recalls the other
0:32:30 Amnesia: Nymph denies knowing Rascal (who is HEARTBROKEN!)
0:34:30 Programming with a SWITCH amnesia trigger
0:36:00 Amnesia: Rascal thinks this Nymph girl is being over-familiar
0:37:40 Remembering one another and getting kissy!
0:37:55 Forgetting one another and getting uncomfortable.
0:42:15 Unaware Outbursts (Rascal’s monkey noises / Nymph’s sexy talk)
0:48:20 Aware (but still uncontrollable) outbursts
0:50:00 Knock-Out Fight
0:56:00 Stripteasing when music plays, denying it when it stops
1:03:10 Naturists one minute, embarrassed the next
1:05:50 Rascal the Human Kitty-Girl
1:09:10 Nymph’s vagina is CATNIP!!
1:11:30 Mistress & Slavegirl
1:15:30 Frozen Kisses
1:19:00 Both Girls Submissive
1:19:40 Enchanted by Cassie’s Pendant
1:21:00 Cassie and her pets
1:21:30 Super Ticklish
1:22:40 Mindless Sex Machines
1:24:50 Rascal enjoys her electric Sex machine
1:26:30 Mindless Trigger
1:28:00 Making one another Mindless
1:30:00 Delayed Reaction / Replay Trigger
1:32:30 Nude and at attention
1:33:40 Cassie poses her playthings
1:34:30 Rascal Down!
1:36:50 Puppeteered by Cassie-Doll
1:39:30 Mental Bondage & Tickling
1:42:00 Closing Induction
1:43:30 Closing Chat
1:48:50 Bonus 360s

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