Entrancement UK – Natalia Forrest 12 Bound & Brainwashed (08.16.2019)

Fans of brainwashing, bondage and kinky mind control based shenanigans rejoice!

Natalia Forrest returns for a steamy bedroom mesmerism session! She’s induced into trance, before being bound and fitted with a brainwashing helmet that compels her to repeat a number of mindless mantras. She sounds deliciously brainless as she murmurs each phrase helplessly out loud.

She’s then switched between slut, slave, and virgin mindsets in order to tease her more completely, before being allowed to tease herself almost all the way to orgasm. (No sense in giving her too much of what she wants, right?)

Afterwards we head downstairs for a teensy bit of SFW dancey freezey posey stuff. (I’m really not sure how I’m gonna make a whole SFW trailer from this one.) before giving Natalia’s vagina it’s own voice, and my if it isn’t a horny one! She and her vagina have quite the antagonistic relationship it seems as an argument and a battle of wills ensues, with Natalia ending up switching places with her own conscious cunt. (Very odd.)

We wrap up with Natalia stiff as steel and posed between two seats for that classic mind controlled damsel look.


0:10 Hi again Natalia!
1:30 Discussing MC Commissions
4:08 The Induction Begins
5:25 Eye Flicker
8:28 Sticky Eyes
10:27 Limp Check
11:30 Mannequin Check
14:30 “We haven’t started yet!”
17:10 Feeling the need to move and sway enchantingly…
19:05 Enchanted by the Pendant, her eyes begin to roll
22:30 Limp Natalia Bound and Tied
29:35 VR Headset Brainwash Induction
30:55 Struggling against her bonds
31:15 The sound returns and Natalia grows weaker
31:40 “Drop when I’m told to… rest on command” mantras
32:25 Horny struggling as she feels more needy…
33:10 Internal struggling… “Who’s gonna fuck me?” What’s gotten into me?”
34:00 Dropping deeper, moaning in desire, more mantras
36:30 Helmet removal, Natalia is mindless
37:50 Blindfolded captive struggling to be free
38:30 Wanton Slut begs to be fucked
40:15 Slavegirl needs to serve and please
40:55 Slut grows more eager to play
41:25 Confused and captive virgin
42:05 Nice girl… who keeps making slutty outbursts
44:30 Virgin Natalia has to have DP explained to her
46:50 Oblivious Masturbation
49:30 “I love being a slut” whispering play
50:30 Frozen at the brink
56:20 Slutty Striptease
58:20 Frozen Mid Tease
59:22 Edges to her reflection
60:20 Frozen Spread Legged SexDoll
61:10 Ahegao Derp Face
63:00 OMG why am I naked? Don’t look!
63:15 Mmmm I’m naked, admire me!
63:40 Frozen Flyaround
65:40 Can’t Resist the Camera
67:25 Sleepy limp eye check flyaround
69:45 Dressed Downstairs
71:00 “Dont’ be silly, I’ve never been mesmerised”
73:35 Countdown to Rest
78:05 Refuses to dance… till music plays
79:40 Natalia’s Talking Vagina Refuses to be Ignored!
81:15 Conversations with her Vagina
84:40 Natalia and her Pussy swap places
86:45 Natalia’s Cunt fucks Pussy Natalia
93:25 Frozen Natalia Doll
94:50 Triggered to Pose
95:45 Frozen Flyaround
97:45 Stiff as Steel, Rigid between 2 Chairs
99:59 Pendant Entrancement “I’ve never been mesmerised”

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