…and this time she’s more sultry, submissive and sensual than ever!

Let’s see… what were some highlights…

She really took to the suggestion that she *needed* to be hypnotized, cheerfully insisting and demanding that I make her my slave…

She really does look very cute in bunny ears… and nicely submissive in nothing but cuffs and a collar. 

The “Possessed Footwear” section had her snorting and laughing with surprise as her feet seemed to want to do their own thing…

The “Sex Education” suggestion is an absolute hoot. “Yes” Miss Forrest tells us: being naked *is* necessary for teaching about sex to clueless virgins. “No” it’s *not* titillating or sexual she insists, circling a nipple and indicating the ways women might enjoy being stimulated. It’s all very sensible till we SWITCH her perceptions and have her thinking that she’s a geography teacher who’s somehow wound up naked in front of her class. (Poor thing.) Then when I SWITCH her perceptions again and have her thinking she’s a slutty camgirl, things only get hotter.

The orgasm gun seems to be getting lots of positive comments from you all so it makes another appearance… and I happen to test it out on Natalia when she’s in “Embarrassed” teacher mode. The poor thing really has no idea what’s happening as she finds her body rubbing and teasing and spasmodically orgasming all by itself.

Really funny and sexy slave training shoot with this ever stunning lady.

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