My second session with the gorgeous, leggy, and really rather tall Nicky Phillips!

Nicky couldn’t recall much about her previous session. (Always a sure sign of deep trance, considering most models can recall almost everything about every shoot they’ve been on.) but she *did* remember having a good time and wanting to try out more mind control.

Sprinkle another dozen or so triggers in amongst her programming, add a few erotic dances and stripteases, along with a few very fun embarrassed reactions on waking, and we’ve got ourselves an awesome session.

At the end of this session, I left her with a compulsion to return a third time, so we’ll see if that takes

Part 1: Induction, Embarrassment, Stripteasing & Chickens!
0:00:10 Introduction
0:04:40 Rumbling Sea (Background sound) Induction with Candle
0:18:00 Meadow imagery
0:21:10 Wakes up with some annoyance
0:22:00 Sleep Trigger Test
0:23:30 Amnesia: Doesnt recall arranging a shoot
0:24:30 Amnesia: Woke this morning wanting to be Entranced
0:26:45 Tourettes Syndrome
0:29:55 My Magnetic Hand Enchants her.
0:32:03 Cluck like a chicken! (Doesnt realise)
0:33:40 Clucks like a chicken (Realises but cant stop.)
0:35:10 Becomes a chicken completely when triggered.
0:37:30 My Mind is Going (Aware but cant stop saying it.)
0:39:00 Mindless and obedient
0:39:50 Mindlessly Stripping
0:42:40 Music Makes her Dance Seductively (Wakes confused.)
0:44:30 Music Makes her STRIP Seductively. (Wakes embarrassed)
0:46:40 Cant put her bra on (Throws it instead.)
0:48:00 Strips all the way nude
0:48:55 Embarrassed Nude & Demanding her clothes
0:49:10 Nudism / Embarrassment Switching
0:52:30 Frozen Nude Close-ups
0:54:30 Pendant Focused Mindless Mantra
0:55:30 Chat before part 2

Part 2: Remote Controlled to Flash, Obey, Stick, Freeze, Scream, Grow, Shrink, Jump, and Loop
0:57:00 Installing LOVE, HATE, THUMB SUCKING & POSE Triggers
0:57:40 Wakes believing that weve only just started.
0:57:55 Thumb Suck, Pose, Love Triggers
0:59:15 Hate Trigger
1:00:00 Thumb Suck, Love, Posing Triggers
1:00:45 Installing STUCK, FLASH & DESIRE-TO-PLEASE Triggers
1:01:15 Testing ALL the triggers so far
1:02:20 Triggered to be STUCK to the floor
1:03:40 Butt STUCK to the sofa
1:04:00 Installing PAUSE, REWIND & SILENT SCREAM Triggers
1:04:55 Frozen Flash
1:05:45 Looping Flashing
1:05:55 Scream Triggering
1:06:10 DESIRES-TO Give me her clothes!
1:07:30 Looping, Thumb Sucking, Locking Triggers
1:08:20 Installing POWER-OFF, POWER-UP, GROWTH, SHRINK & JUMP Triggers
1:09:10 Posing, Screaming, Sucking, Pausing
1:10:20 Breasts Growing
1:10:55 Jump Trigger
1:11:10 DESIRES TO Give me her panties
1:11:30 DESIRES TO wiggle her butt for me (whilst her bum grows)
1:11:50 Giant Booty Balance Problems
1:12:10 Power Failing: Slow and dopey
1:12:35 Power Up!
1:12:50 Shrinking Nicky
1:13:30 Tiny Thumb Sucker
1:14:00 Age Shrinking
1:14:45 Age Regressed Thumb Sucker
1:14:55 Looping Regressed Nicky
1:15:50 Back to normal, doesnt know why shes on the floor
1:16:00 Chickening, Screaming, Freezing
1:17:30 Loves / Hates her reflection
1:19:25 Naked Nymphomaniacs Dating Video
1:22:30 DESIRES TO dress in her bikini
1:22:50 Chat Before Part 3

Part 3: BodyStockinged Fembot Training
1:23:45 Nickys Drink is laced with NANOBOTS
1:24:50 Nanobots make Nicky more and more emotionless and robotic
1:27:24 Triggered to emote
1:27:55 Triggered to pose whilst blank
1:28:55 Programming the Nicky simulation to love
1:29:20 Reactivating Modified Nicky
1:29:55 Reactivating Fembot Nicky
1:30:20 Programming Nicky to be more submissive
1:31:00 Posing in Slave Positions
1:32:30 Pendant Training & Mindless Mantras
1:33:34 Good Girl Pleasure Trigger
1:34:30 Frozen Flyaround Kneeling Nicky
1:35:35 Fembot at attention
1:35:45 Testing the Fembots Triggers Remotely
1:36:00 Reactivating Nicky as a Submissive Bimbo
1:36:20 Nickys happy to hand over her panties
1:36:55 Forgets her own name on command
1:37:10 Her name is now Slavegirl
1:37:40 Posed for inspection
1:38:10 Moving my Frozen Doll
1:39:44 Musical Statue (Music makes her dance sexily)
1:42;10 Removes her Nipple Protectors!
1:43:00 Posing the fembot some more
1:44:10 Installing blissful feelings and a desire to return
1:45:30 Closing Chat
1:48:53 Bonus 360: Clothed
1:48:57 Bonus 360: Underwear
1:49:02 Bonus 360: Nude
1:49:07 Bonus 360: All three!

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