Entrancement UK – Rhianna Entranced

Rhianna’s a gorgeous intelligent and wonderfully shapely lady who by her great looks and figure, you’d think was nearer to 24 than her actual age of 35. She’s got an easy-going but inquisitive nature, so it was fun playing with things like her memories, her awareness of what’s going on, and her reaction to the situation. Being naked around strangers isn’t *too* unusual for her, but waking up to find them petting her like she’s some kind of kitten was something she was more prone to taking exception to

She took to slave-training like a duck to water, was *very* happy to be collared, and easily slipped into the role of being affectionate slavegirl or purring kitten. For fans of hypnochickens, leotards and age regression, there’s a fair bit of those too!

Sleep Trigger Training
Can’t Help Rag-Dolling
Mannequin / Rag-Doll Play
Oblivious Giggle Trigger
Mental Bondage
Tickled Whilst Bound
Adjustable Ticklishness
Tickling is PLEASURE! (Demands more of it.)
Foot Tickling
Nudist who’s uncomfortable in clothes
Showing off her Award Winning Breasts & Booty
Embarrassed by being undressed
Wants her bra… until she actually has it
Enchanted by the orb
Enchanted by my hat
Enchanted by my eyes
Mis-Directed Nude Modelling (Gets everything wrong)
Slow Freezing onto the Podium
Binding her resistance
Happy to be Collared
Happy to Pose for her Master
Trapped in a box!
Stripped of Memories and Resistance
Nude & Captivated by the Pendant
The ideal enslavement…
Pose Training
Human Footstool
Slave Training
Repeating Mantras on Cue
Partial CatGirl Scene (Full Outtake in the bonuses)
Cat-Girl wants stroking (Rhianna Doesn’t!)
Enchanted by her own Breasts
Enchanted by her image onscreen
Mind Controlled by her own Eyes
Mindless HypnoPuppeteering
HypnoPuppeteering whilst she tries to resist
Lovestruck by the Leotard
Age Regression
Playing Dressup in her Big Sister’s Clothes
Age Regressed demanding Ice Cream
Invisible Ice Cream
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Extras: 360s
Extras: Extended CatGirl Scene & Outtakes
Running Time: 115 Minutes

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