Sarah Jane was a really sweet girl to work with. Really good natured and chatty, and she responded really well to most of the suggestions she was given. (A little *too* well in a couple of cases, at one point I gave her a trigger to make her feel sleepy… the second I used it though, she slumped into trance, out like a light.)

She’s a natural poser, *really* hot figure, and of course she looks great whilst awake or asleep, frozen or locked in place.

We’ve got some fun suggestions in this one. At one point I have Sarah Jane trying to convince me to buy anything she can lay her hands on… teddy bears… lone shoes… herself, and later on I trigger her to come out with lewd phrases whenever I wave at her. (*Wave* “arse” *Wave* “spank me” *Wave* “fanny”) Fun.

There was a really sweet moment about 2 thirds of the way through the shoot, Sarah Jane was on all fours on the bed, I used my sleep trigger and… well, you’ll have to take a peek at the pics below.

Video Contents
Floating Hands
Awake, Stuck hands / Stuck to head
Further deepeners, finds training sexy.
Forgets her name
Mindless Sex Doll
Triggered Tiredness, can’t stop yawning
Small Eye rolling sex doll scene
Flashing and doesn’t even know it
Topless mindless sexdoll
Topless blank, posing and freezing
Outfit 2
1,2,3,4,5 Orgasm!
Erotic Earlobes
Sex Doll / Sarahjane / Triggered Orgasm
World’s greatest salesgirl
Topless mannequin poses.
Zombie walking
Kitty time / Puppy time
Outfit 3
Mind bondage / Imagined tickling
Sexual Tourettes
Running Time: 100 Minutes

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