This was my second full mesmerism shoot with the stunning (but bratty) Brook Scott. Whilst Brook *does* class herself as submissive, she really likes to make you work for it. There’s no point where Brook (in her own mind anyway) will just roll over and give you free reign to do whatever you like with her. If there was any chance to resist or stop herself obeying at any point, she took it.

This shoot contains shedloads of examples of ways I manage to switch off, side-step, or otherwise evade Brook’s natural defence mechanisms. Sometimes it’s by manipulating her memory so she thinks she’s a dancer in a club (a job she’s had in the past) sometimes it’s by using Brook’s natural brattiness against her (Any time she tries to throw something at me, she inadvertently triggers herself) and for a large amount of the time, it’s by employing the services of “Raven”

Raven is Brook’s alter-ego. She’s a refinement of Brook’s innate feelings of submission stripped of all brattiness, self control and resistance, and the difference between her and Brook is like night and day. Brook is smug, sarcastic, rude and defiant. Raven is wide eyed, obedient, eager, and deeply submissive.

Having Raven pose like a slavegirl, or sucking on her thumb suggestively then bringing Brook back out to discover her current predicament makes for some stunningly sexy fun moments.

[0:00:27] Welcoming back Brook
[0:03:35] Candle Induction
[0.13.10] The perfect place for relaxation
[0:14:40] Fractionation scale
[0:16:10] Can’t wake. Too enchanted
[0:18:20] Wants to be rude
[0:18:40] Can’t keep hold of her brattiness
[0:18:50] Awake… but can’t recall her thoughts
[0:19:40] Dropping back down. Sleep trigger
[0:20:50] Mental block when it comes to bratting
[0:22:15] Can’t resist her sleep trigger
[0:22:30] Self Sleep Fingersnap trigger refusal
[0:23:40] Self Sleep Fingersnap success
[0:24:30] Annoyed that she can’t be rude to me
[0:24:45] Happy to be able to insult me again.
[0:25:30] Says I have a girly voice
[0:25:55] Programmed to compliment my voice
[0:26:10] Realises she’s programmed and tries to resist
[0:26:50] Throwing cushions = Butt pinch sensation
[0:38:22] Music will make you striptease (and NOT brat!)
[0:40:35] Silence locks you in place (aware)
[0:42:20] Posing a protesting Brook
[0:44:20] Smug Brook makes use of a loophole
[0:44:45] Delayed reaction self-trigger snapping
[0:46:45] Further dancing
[0:48:30] Sleep standing up
[0:48:40] Hand past the face makes her blank
[0:49:30] Posing blank Brook
[0:49:44] One handed bra-removal
[0:50:20] Brook reacts to her predicament (and makes threats)
[0:51:10] Topless sexy dancing
[0:53:30] Poseable blank mannequin Brook
[0:54:54] Bra-hat!
[0:56:20] Dropping her deeper
[0:58:10] Watching the watch
[0:59:04] Outfit 2. Brook’s being smug
[0:59:20] Re-awakening “Raven”
[1:06:40] Raven introduces herself and happily presents her panties
[1:07:20] Brook is amused and annoyed at Raven’s behaviour
[1:08:20] Raven happily removes her panties and displays herself
[1:09:19] Raven’s more than happy to be directed and display herself
[1:10:40] Raven tells us what she loves about being controlled
[1:14:20] Posing and inspecting Raven up close
[1:15:40] Raven’s Stocking Striptease
[1:18:10] Teaching Raven Slave Poses
[1:20:55] Brook aware. Raven poses (whether Brook likes it or not)
[1:24:55] Raven automatically sucks (Brook… doesn’t)
[1:26:05] Raven happily thumbsucks (Brook’s… less happy)
[1:28:00] Fucking Poses & moving like a sexmachine
[1:28:30] Enslaving Raven deeper
[1:29:30] Pleasure from Master’s touch
[1:31:20] Slavegirl accepting Master’s collar
[1:33:00] Growing orgasmic pleasure
[1:33:55] Orgasm
[1:34:35] Cuddling slavegirl Raven
[1:34:45] Brook: KINDA WEIRD!
[1:35:30] Brook can’t remove her collar
[1:36:55] Are you feeling horny at all? (Brook: No.)
[1:36:55] Are you feeling horny at all? (Raven: Checks & Nods)
[1:39:00] End of Part One

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