This is the only occasion (so far) that I’ve filmed two hypnosis shoots in a single day. I worked with Selina in the morning on the outskirts of her town at her friends house, and a few hours later I was meeting Bex and Lulu in the city at their student Halls of Residence.

Selina was 29 years old, very sexy and confident in front of the camera, and she took everything in her stride. With some people when they get hypnotized to see and experience something totally out of the ordinary, there’s a “What the HECK!?” moment as they try to work out what on earth’s going on. With Selina there was more of a curious “Hmm” moment as she considered what had just been happening.

I had her freezing n posing, tasting different flavours of ice cream on each thumb, and later on, warbling like the worlds worst karaoke singer. Some fantastic wide eyed freezes from this lady, especially when I make her think she’s a kitten then dangle a pendant in front of her face.

Floating Hands
Statue Programming
Doesn’t believe she’s been entranced.
Trance Freeze
Favourite Flavours
Click Fingers = Instant Trance
Freeze = Freeze
Hypno Flashing
Feelings of submission
Musical Lapdancer
Dropping Deeper
Intellectual / Bimbo Interview
Hypno Pendant
Hypno Kitten
“I’m a slave girl”
French Maid
Pose = Strike a pose
Autopose1000 self posing mannequin
Fembot dance
Fembot batteries die
Worlds worst Karaoke Singer


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