A pretty long shoot, so it’s split into two halves.

It’s also really hard to pick highlights as honestly, all of it was so good. I’ll try anyway…

Her questions and confusion at being “forced” to act like a cat. “Why… why am I doing this? Why can’t I stop!?”
Every fingersnap that puts her into trance has her tuning out beautifully. Every wakeup has her visibly jolted from trance.

Sex Ed Sophia is hilarious. As a teacher she’s so professional, as a Camgirl she’s so sultry.

She was far more submissive than I thought she’d be, responding beautifully to pleasure triggers and commands.
If you like backfiring hypnosis you’re going to love the “Hypnotized Hypnotist” bit, she gets *so* dazed.

Turning every break into an excuse to deepen her again or give her a sneaky suggestion (magic potion tea) worked really well

I think my appearing on camera is working better. I just need to cut down on all my “Ummmm”s now.


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