Erotictransformations – H-Project 14 – Sinn Sage

Homeless But Not Helpless stars Sinn Sage and Drake Man’o’War and features what many of us have no doubt been waiting for: Sinn Sage’s first M/F sex scene. The movie opens with the Supreme Commander working out on the punching bag while worrying about how her soldier dispatched to kill Steve Steele in episode 13 hasn’t checked in. Shortly she arrives, with the prisoner Sinn Sage both of them completely nude. Sinn is bound and whipped by the Supreme Commander.

We then cut to Steve, who is monitoring the situation via a camera in Sinn’s contact lens. He explains that she has a tracking chip implanted in her, and that a team of ex-SEALS are on their way to rescue her from captivity. The SC beats on her with boxing gloves for a while, as she is restrained to the punching bag. She grunts in pain with each blow but refuses to betray Steve. After weakening her body, the SC pulls out a double-headed mesmerizer and uses it on Sinn. Sinn scoffs defiantly as the device has no immediate effect on her, but the SC explains that the device works very slowly, and is confident that it will drain her will.

Sinn mouths off too much so she is gagged, and as time wears on, her resistance slowly fades. Sinn does a very good job of going from defiant resistance to slowly succumbing to the effects of the device. She really sells the struggle with her eyes, and she looks incredibly hot with the gag in her mouth as she is gradually mesmerized by the device. The SC tells Sinn that she is now her slave, and Sinn responds in a sleepy affirmative, but when the SC tells her that she will do anything up to and including killing Steve Steele, Sinn struggles and manages to resist the command.

The SC decides that she needs to work up to killing Steve Steele so she needs to start with some easier commands. She initially has her walk around and quack like a duck. She tries to find something more humiliating and commands her to get down on the floor and finger her ass, but to her frustration Sinn enjoys it too much. The SC finally settles on calling in a smelly homeless guy to have his way with her…made all the worse by the fact that Sinn’s character is a lesbian.

He starts by feeling her up, and she just stands there staring blankly into space as he plays with her tits, ass, and pussy. And to humiliate her further she was made to invite the homeless guy to grope her. Meanwhile Steve is watching all of this on his monitor and is desperate to put a stop to it any way he can. Sinn is made to kiss the homeless guy, and then she is ordered to get down on her knees and suck his dick. The mindless blowjob is my favorite part of the video, because of the way her arms dangle limply at her side while she mechanically deep throats him. I have never seen another actress use this particular posture during a zombie blowjob, and it is AWESOME. She really sells the whole “mindless obedience” thing with her body posture.

Steve figures out a way to modify his wireless router to broadcast a signal to Sinn’s tracker chip, snapping her out of the trance. She recoils from the homeless man’s cock in horror, but the router signal fades away and she reverts right back to her mindless sucking (actually he throat fucks her while she just passively takes it with her arms dangling at her sides). The homeless guy then wants to fuck her pussy, so he lays down on the floor and he commands her to get on top of him, reverse cowgirl style. She fucks him while staring off into space, and her face looks super hot as she mindlessly rides his dick. Steve gets the signal working again and manages to briefly snap her out of trance a couple more times, but as soon as the signal is lost she reverts right back to a mindless slave. They switch to a spooning position later and Sinn just lays there passively taking it. Finally, he cums all over her face, and well…I’ll leave you to watch the video to see if she breaks free from the control or not.

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