When last we saw Peaches, she had been transformed from a bitchy prima donna movie star to an obedient mind slave by her personal assisstant Sinn. Since then, she has become even more subservient: cleaning house, giving foot massages, eating pussy. This uncharacteristic behavior has aroused the suspicions of Peaches’ agent Betty, who, believe it or not, is even bitchier. But Sinn has a plan to ease those suspicions. Guess what! It involves mind control and a nefarious mesmerizing cube! Betty also becomes Sinn’s captive thrall, and finds herself at her and Peaches’ mercy. Her ass is at their mercy too. But what Sinn didn’t count on is that Betty has mesmerized her as well. After hearing the trigger word the tables are turned and Sinn finds herself under the spell of the horny hussies. Peaches, pantyhose and pussy: this one has it all!

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