Kiki thinks she’s alone as she sips her refreshing beverage. Little does she know someone is waiting for her to succumb. Once she’s out, he emerges and checks her limp arms. There may be some small consciousness left, as her limbs respond in slo-mo when he moves them for her. But he proceeds, touching her gingerly and then more boldly. He fondles her big squeezable breasts, enjoying their weight. He moves her here and there, savoring her incapacitated state. He strokes her face. After he has thoroughly enjoyed feeling her up, he snips and rips her little black dress, stripping it from her prone body. He caresses her pussy over the fabric but then he snips away the little leopard-print panties too. At last she lies utterly naked, so beautiful in her vulnerability. He places her hands upon her own body to make her look sensual, then he leaves her stripped in dreamland.

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