Jes is going out with her friends and asks to her stepfather what he thinks about the clothes she is wearing. After he shows her his dissaproval, he orders her to go change. Jes refuses so the man decides teach her how to be obedient, by attaching a mind control chip over her forehead, transforming her in a Pleasure Unit.

After that he orderes her to repeat her mantras while walking around the house. He also orders her to remove her bra in order to fondle her boobs. He then tells her to dust the blinds and after finishing he orders her to come over to the couch, where he fondles her tits again.

Finally, he tells her to go back her room and to put some lingerie on. After she comes back, the man orders her to perform a sexy strip dance and after she gets naked, she is ordered to put herself over his lap to have sex.

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  • Roberto 2 years ago

    This site is amazing! Was wondering if any shot of eventually add Robomeats??

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      dude we upload robomeats videos on our another

  • Hey, none of these videos have been working for me for about a month now. What’s going on?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      please change your browser if issue is persisting please try download link (its from openload and it should work for you)

  • Jameson 2 years ago

    Hello, the download link won’t work can you fix it :\. Great video thanks for uploading!!

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      sorry bro. please download through video player it works fine

      • Jameson 2 years ago

        I can’t download it through the video player, how do you do it???

  • Wallace 2 months ago

    Hey mate can you upload ava hypnotized thanks