Girls Gone Hypnotized - Built for Pleasure 2

Erin’s boss has sent her to Relaxix Resort to see if it is a suitable place to have their company retreat this year. Upon arrival, Erin is impressed with how well maintained and clean the rooms are, but before making a final decision, she asks to see the spa and all of it’s amenities. She is shown her way to the Relaxix Spa where she is greeted by a mysterious attendant wearing a robe and a blacked-out face. Immediately, Erin is put on edge as the faceless attendant begins to explain the benefits of all of their light therapy devices. Erin picks up a creepy vibe from the room, but the “last straw” comes when she finds a machine called the Mind Conditioner 3000. Erin quickly begins to leave but is placed in a calming trance state after a light therapy device is put in her hand by the spa attendant. The dazed woman disrobes and prepares herself on the message table where the attendant places a body control bracelet on her wrist. Despite her pleas to be let go, Erin is forced to walk into a conversion chamber where she is fully converted into a robot. She eventually emerges from the chamber coated in silver and her mind completely vacant. After being formatted and programmed in the Mind Conditioner 3000, Erin will remain at the resort permanently, where she will satisfy and pleasure future guests as needed.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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